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Optimal Thinking for Business Success Seminar

Business Success Ready to optimize your business success? Hailed by academia and the media as "the essential step above positive thinking," Optimal Thinking empowers you to maximize resources, opportunities, productivity and profits -- regardless of the circumstances.

In this business seminar, you will learn how to use this peak form of thinking consistently to define your ultimate business mission, make the most profitable decisions in every business situation, and lead others to achieve optimum results. You will discover how to ask yourself and others the best questions to obtain the best possible solutions. You will define what "the best" means to your business in everyday situations, gain the mental tool necessary to take the most constructive actions to achieve what is most important, and catapult your business success to unprecedented heights!

Seminar Objectives

In this business success seminar, you:

Optimal Thinking and business success   understand Optimal Thinking and its vital role in optimizing your business success
   learn how to optimize suboptimal thoughts, feelings and situations
   define and commit to the ultimate mission of your business
   evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, processes, opportunities and threats to your business and industry
   analyze business decisions using ROI, based on data, trends and risk assessment
   develop a plan of action to optimize your productivity, profits and communications
   determine your supreme plan to optimize cash flow
   gain essential information to establish trust and optimize team building
   learn the most constructive techniques for resolving business conflicts
   pinpoint strategies that give you the best chance for superlative achievement
   optimize your business strategy and experience peak performance.

Who Should Attend  

   anyone interested in the mental software for top achievement in the business arena
   CEOs, executives, upper and middle management, employees
   large and small business owners, entrepreneurs.


One-On-One Executive Coaching Follow Up (optional)  

One-on-one executive coaching is available to maximize management and leadership development, optimize strategies and behaviors, and resolve personal/psychological/cultural issues that inhibit peak performance. We also coach executives to optimize appearance/attire, business etiquette, and aid them in the preparation of major presentations and speeches.

We arrange telephone coaching or office visits at your convenience.



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