Executive Coaching: Why Would You Become an Executive Coach?

audio_cd_programOptimal Thinking Executive Coaching is a unique professional skill that is properly accomplished when the coach consistently employs Optimal Thinking to optimize executive development. The Certified Optimal Thinking Executive Coach is carefully trained to employ Optimal Thinking to achieve best practices and best solutions with the aid of road maps from the 100-day Optimal Thinking Audio-CD Program.

We receive numerous inquiries about becoming a Certified Optimal Thinking Executive Coach from business people,  in-house personnel and the training, coaching and consulting community. In today’s blog, I want to hear why you would consider executive coaching certification, and in particular, Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching Certification.

Here are some questions for your consideration:

executive development   Why are you interested in becoming an executive coach?
executive development   Why would you choose Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching Certification instead of another coaching certification?
executive coaching   What are the benefits you would like to obtain from our executive coaching training program?
executive coach   What are your expectations after you complete an executive coaching training program?
executive   What are you willing to contribute in order to achieve certification?
executive coaching certification   How would you employ your Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching certification?
executive coaching training   What could cause you to be disappointed with our executive coaching certification program?
executive development   How would you best deal with this if it were a possibility?
executive coaching questions   What could cause you to be disappointed with your role as a Certified Optimal Thinking Executive Coach?
executive coaching profession   How would you best deal with this if it were a possibility?
executive development   What are the best actions we could take to ensure that you are fully satisfied?

I look forward to your comments.

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7 Responses to “Executive Coaching: Why Would You Become an Executive Coach?”

  1. Rosalene says:

    Feel free to call and we’ll do our best for you.

  2. Adrian Muldoun says:

    I’ve decided to become an optimal thinking executive coach and would like to attend your training on the web as it will be hard for me to come to los angeles. I will fill in my application and look forward to your response. I have given your 100 day optimal thinking audio program to my sisters and they have benefited immensely.

  3. Alan K says:

    I’ve been an optimal thinking fan for many years and read your newsletter. I’m interested in learning the skills to be an optimal thinking executive coach in Los Angeles. I’m also wondering what kind of revenue I could expect and what I would have to do to create a successful business. I’ll would love to talk with you and will contact your office.

  4. Larry says:

    I;m interested in an executive coaching career, and added this blog to my favorites. Thanks.

  5. reader says:

    Every time I stumble upon a really good post I go ahead and do one of three things:1. Share it with relevant friends.2. save it in some of the best sharing websites.3. Make sure to return to the same blog where I first read the article. After reading this article I’m really considering going ahead and doing all 3.

  6. tommy says:

    I’d like to try to find more info about this … btw do you have a facebook page ? bookmarked your website …

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