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Emergency Preparedness for a Flood or Storm – Are You Ready?

Friday, May 20th, 2011

floodFloods are a common hazard in the United States and around the globe impacting neighborhoods, entire river basins and even several states. Some floods develop slowly over a period of days. But, flash floods can develop in a few minutes without any signs of rain. Flash floods often carry mud, rocks, and debris that roar through and sweep away everything in their path. When a dam breaks, the effects are similar to those produced by flash floods. Floods are most likely to occur in low-lying areas, near water, or a dam.

Many people are ill-prepared for floods because they practice wishful thinking. “It won’t happen to me!” they say. In high risk situations, Optimal Thinkers weigh the risk and probability of failure against the cost of prevention, and create the best contingency plans. Are you at risk for flooding? Do you need a disaster plan and disaster supplies? Should you consider buying flood insurance? What is your best plan of action? Here are some issues for your consideration:

Flood Insurance Issues:

* Losses incurred by floods are not covered under homeowners’ insurance policies.
* Flood insurance is available through insurance agents in most areas.
* Flood insurance becomes active only after a 30-day waiting period.
* FEMA manages the National Flood Insurance Program. Federally-backed flood insurance is made available in communities that adopt and enforce floodplain management ordinances to reduce possible flood damage in the future.

Here are guidelines to observe before, during and after a flood to provide your best defense against a flood in your area:

Flood Preparedness: Before, During and After Guidelines