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Employee Retention Program to Minimize Employee Turnover

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Are you looking for an employee retention program to minimize employee turnover? Studies by Hewitt Associates indicate that it costs 150 percent of an employee's base salary to replace them. If you are struggling with employee retention issues, look no further. Our employee retention program will protect you from losing valuable employees who have accumulated job know-how and your organization's intellectual property. We will help you to retain the top performers in your organization, and create a unique "best place to work" environment for your employees.

An optimal employee retention strategy has two major components:

1. Employee Selection Process

The employee selection process describes how you choose to fill your job vacancies. Our proprietary assessments ensure that you hire the best candidates during the employee selection and hiring process. As thinking is more basic than personality, our assessments are superior to the usual personality assessments employed by most firms. Our assessments inform you when candidates will not fit into your organizational culture. You can then avoid the expense of hiring unsuitable employees.

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2. Talent Optimization Strategy

The talent optimization strategy describes how to best develop existing employees. Unfortunately, many organizations settle for talent management -- a standard that too often is just a step above accepting incompetence. Our talent optimization program reveals where your employees reside on the Train, Coach, Participate and Delegate continuum, and provides realistic options, best practices and best solutions.

Our optimal thinking employee retention specialists take the time to really get to know your team and understand your organizational culture. We uncover the root causes of employee turnover in your organization. We are then able to develop the retention program that best suits your team. We employ best practices to resolve issues such as:

leadership personal growth   Leadership skills training to best develop your next generation of leaders
skills gaps   Skill gaps for critical job functions
employee engagement   Employee engagement
internal development opportunities   Internal development opportunities for your talent
ethnic, cultural, generational, ratial differences   Generational, ethnic, cultural, and geographical differences
motivating compensation, facilities   Employee compensation
leadership personal growth   Employee productivity

According to the National Research Business Institute, 23% of employees leave due to lack of development opportunities and training. That's why we create customized retention strategies that maximize individual and organizational value growth. Our programs are implemented with optimization coaching, mentoring, consulting, assessments, self-paced online learning, virtual instructor-led training, and traditional instructor-led training.

You can then hire the best employees, empower your existing employees to be their best, and consistently retain your key team contributors. We are here for you!

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