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Optimal Thinking rises above positive thinking

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Optimal Thinking: Be Your Best

"The future belongs to those who bring their best to the present."
Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., International best-selling author, Optimal Thinking

Optimal Thinking is a realistic style of thinking that empowers individuals and organizations to do their best.
Every time we think suboptimally, it costs us time, energy, joy or money.

Which side are you on?
Suboptimal Thinker
Optimal Thinker
personal growth and choices  Make bad, good and better choices
personal development relationships  Undermine relationships with suboptimal communications

suboptimal self-improvement  Squander health, wealth, and happiness

self-improvement optimization  Optimize health, wealth, and happiness

Suboptimal Thinking Organization
Optimal Thinking Organization
business product development  Settle for second-rate employees and candidates 
executive development  Provide a second-rate customer experience
business development  Reduce trust, innovation, opportunities, profit and growth

Achieve your best solutions with an Optimal Thinking
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Help Yourself to
Optimal Thinking Coaching
Create Your Best Place to Work
with Optimal Thinking

Optimize Your Personal
Life and Career

Coaching with an Optimal Thinking Coach

Coaching to Optimize
Decisions and Situations


Want to achieve up to 50% better employee retention than your peers?
Optimize your culture to achieve multiple "Best Place to Work" awards

employee retention in best places to work

Optimize Your Company
Create Your Best Place to Work

Optimal Thinking Audio-CD Program

100 Days of Best Solutions
for Lasting Optimum Success


OptimalThinking.com is not just another business or self improvement website.
OptimalThinking.com rises above all business and self improvement websites based on positive thinking, and is the recipient of 39 awards.


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