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leadership skills development


If you would like to see how you rate as a leader, take this short, quick, confidential online leadership skills assessment. It was developed over 25 years and will quickly pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and help you understand the difference between where you are and where you need to be.

Over 200,000 leaders around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 executives, politicians, military leaders, and graduate students have taken this leader assessment.

The assessment is scored online. Below are 25 statements. Simply choose the responses that fit you best.

A = Always or almost always, F = Frequently or often, S = Sometimes or reasonably and R = Rarely or never.

OptimalThinking.com values your privacy. We will not reveal your information or email address to anyone.

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1. My mission, objectives, and goals reflect my highest principles. A F S R
2. My vision is in alignment with the company's mission. A F S R
3. My people are committed to achieving the company's goals and objectives. A F S R
4. I lead my people by example. A F S R
5. I have the leadership skills and resources necessary to perform my tasks effectively. A F S R
6. My people have the skills and resources to be optimally productive. A F S R
7. My people understand the benefits of working together in a unified direction. A F S R
8. I observe on-the-job activity and am available for questions and feedback. A F S R
9. My people establish priorities for tasks to be accomplished. A F S R
10. I listen carefully to my people and encourage them to express their opinions. A F S R
11. I resolve conflict as it occurs, and consider the best interests of all concerned. A F S R
12. I inform my people about changes, policies, and procedures that effect them. A F S R
13. I am firm and fair-minded when dealing with coworkers. A F S R
14. I have the best interests of my people in mind. A F S R
15. I recognize optimal performance, and express appreciation in a timely manner. A F S R
16. I delegate responsibility, accountability and authority effectively. A F S R
17. My people receive adequate training, coaching and participation on the job. A F S R
18. When I delegate a task, I trust my people can do the job and do not interfere. A F S R
19. I encourage initiative, involvement, and innovation from my coworkers. A F S R
20. I use constructive feedback to optimize the productivity of coworkers. A F S R
21. My decisions are consistent with corporate policies, procedures, and objectives. A F S R
22. I take calculated risks, and develop contingency plans for major decisions. A F S R
23. I develop objectives and performance standards with my people. A F S R
24. I systematically evaluate the performance of my people. A F S R
25. I motivate my people to do their best on the job. A F S R

Over 120,000 people have profited from our free leadership assessment. We're here for you!

Call (310) 461-1446 Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm PT
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how to customize this leadership assessment for your organization.



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