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Communication Skills Assessment Quiz

If you would like to rate your communication skills, take this short, quick, confidential Communication Skills Assessment. It was developed over 25 years and will quickly pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and help you understand the difference between where you are and where you need to be.

Over 280,000 people around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 executives, politicians, military leaders, and graduate students have already taken this communication skills assessment.

The interpersonal communication skills assessment is scored online. Below are 25 statements. Simply choose the responses that fit you best.

A = Always or almost always, F = Frequently or often, S = Sometimes or reasonably and R = Rarely or never.

OptimalThinking.com values your privacy. We will not reveal your information or email address to anyone.
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1. I give my full attention to others when they talk to me. A F S R
2. I maintain eye contact throughout a conversation. A F S R
3. I display empathy. A F S R
4. I encourage others to talk when appropriate. A F S R
5. I ask the best questions to invite the best answers from others. A F S R
6. I ask for clarification of whatever I don't fully understand. A F S R
7. I treat others respectfully. A F S R
8. I deal with conflicts and differences appropriately. A F S R
9. I share my feelings and needs when appropriate. A F S R
10. I understand and optimize non-verbal communications. A F S R
11. I discover what is in the best interest of others. A F S R
12. I communicate my boundaries effectively to others. A F S R
13. I respect myself in my communications with others. A F S R
14. I respect the dignity and rights of others. A F S R
15. I praise and reprimand others appropriately. A F S R
16. I motivate others to do their best. A F S R
17. I minimize others' unwanted behaviors effectively. A F S R
18. I optimize others' suboptimal thoughts, feelings and behaviors. A F S R
19. I cooperate with others to create the best results. A F S R
20. I respond optimally even when I am ready to explode. A F S R
21. I deal optimally with those who complain, criticize, blame and make excuses. A F S R
22. I maximize communications with those who practice one-upmanship. A F S R
23. I negotiate the best solutions with all personality types. A F S R
24. I assert my needs appropriately. A F S R
25. I respond appropriately when others are off track. A F S R

Over 280,000 people have benefited from our free communication skills assessment. We're here for you!

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