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Today's Bonus: 36% Discount. Each of us has a dominant level of thinking in daily life. The Optimal Thinking Online Assessment is designed to:

  • Identify your dominant level of thinking
  • Clarify your hierarchy of thinking styles (the thinking styles you use less often)
  • Determine how much of your thinking is in your best interest
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your dominant thinking style
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the other thinking styles
  • Uncover your core motivation
  • Reveal the situations that may be stressful for you
  • Help you to predict your responses in personal and business situations
  • Empower you to be your best, regardless of the circumstances
  • Maximize your understanding of yourself and others
  • Optimize your interactions with others, and bring out the best in them
  • Provide optimal action steps to maximize your personal and professional success, and more.

This 50-question assessment will empower you to be optimally effective at work, at home, and in all your relationships. After taking the assessment, you will receive your fully personalized 21-page Self-Optimization Report. You can also obtain input from an unlimited number of Observers by inviting them to participate and give you feedback. You will then obtain a 360 degree (multi-rater) view of yourself through the eyes of others. You can read your personalized prescriptive 41-page Composite Report online or download and print it out at your convenience.

Note: You will receive two emails. One email will confirm your order. The other email will provide your login details. Please look for them in your email inbox. After your payment is approved, your assessment will be activated. Be sure to approve our domain name,, in your email program.

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