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The Associate Program is designed specifically for trainers, consultants, counselors, and coaches.

The Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment supplements and optimizes your training, continuing education, coaching, consulting, and development programs. The Assessment can be employed with corporate clients and individual clients to provide a 360 view of their thinking and performance.

Your clients will learn about their dominant thinking style, core motivation, stressors, how to best interact with others, how others view them, and much more. Participants receive a personalized 21-page Self-Optimization Report (without Observer input) with suggestions for optimizing their thinking, performance, and interactions with others. If they invite Observers to rate them, they will receive a 41-page Composite Report.

Associates are wholesale distributors (resellers) who employ the online Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment as a profit center for your own business. You purchase Assessments in bulk at a reseller discount and sell them to individual end users and/or corporate clients (see pricing below). You can use the Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment to optimize recruitment and selection, career counseling, outplacements, team building, performance management, management development, training, mentoring, and organization development.

30-day-guarantee Certified Associates may also present 90-minute follow up sessions (within specific guidelines) with individual end users and/or corporate clients. You interpret the nuances in reports, provide additional options, and personalize individual, interpersonal and organizational optimization. Associates must attend two 3-hour training teleconferences or a one-day training delivered by our company to attain certification.

For more information, call us Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm (PST) at (310) 461-1446.

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