25-Day Help Yourself To Optimal Thinking Audio Program (mp3 and pdf download)


Download 25-Day Audio MP3 Program with Activities Workbook

Help Yourself to Optimal Thinking empowers you to maximize every decision and every situation. You being by rating your level of thinking to discover how much of your thinking is currently in your best interest. You then discover why Optimal Thinking is the next step beyond positive thinking, define what optimal means to you, and learn how to make decisions to best resolve simple and complex issues. You will then learn how to use Optimal Thinking consistently, so that you can experience the best in life.

Each day, you will complete Optimal Action Steps to optimize your personal life and career. 

Day 1: Introduction
Rate Your Level of Thinking

Section 1: Optimal Thinking: The Next Step Beyond Positive Thinking

Day 2: Suboptimal Thinking
Day 3: What Is Optimal Thinking?
Day 4: Who Thinks Optimally?
Day 5: Take the Quantum Leap
Day 6: Why Positive Thinking Falls Short, Part 1
1. Positive thinking Is Often Used to Suppress Negativity
2. Positive thinking Is Often No More Than Wishful Thinking
Day 7: Why Positive Thinking Falls Short, Part 2
3. There Are Varying Shades of Positive Thinking
4. Suboptimal Thinking Is Not the Mental Basis of Peak Performance
Day 8: Why Positive Thinking Falls Short, Part 3
5. If We Don't Maximize a Situation, We Don't Complete It
Day 9: Review Day

Section 2: What Does "Optimal" Mean to You?

Day 10: Use Your Whole Brain; How to Use Your Left Brain to Optimize Simple Decisions
Day 11: How to Use Your Left Brain to Optimize Complex Decisions
Day 12: Right-Brain Decisions
Day 13: What Does "Optimal" Really Mean?
Day 14: The Key to the Optimal Answer Is the Optimal Question
Day 15: Design Your Optimal Life
Day 16: Review Day

Section 3: How To Use Optimal Thinking Consistently

Day 17: Consciously Choose Optimal Thinking; Monitor Yourself
Day 18: Overcome Your Limiting Core Beliefs
Overcome Limiting Core Belief 1: I Am Not Responsible for My Life
Day 19: Overcome Limiting Core Belief 2: Something Is Wrong
Day 20: Overcome Limiting Core Belief 3: I Don't Deserve the Best in Life
Day 21: Overcome Limiting Core Belief 4: I Experience Fear
Day 22: Overcome Limiting Core Belief 5: I Can't Have What I Want
Day 23: Overcome Limiting Core Belief 6: Life Is a Struggle
Day 24: Review Day 1
Day 25: Review Day 2

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