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Thinking Assessment

Your thoughts are the parents of your life experience. The quality of your work and life is determined by the quality of your thinking. If you are ready to lead your life with your best self, maximize your resources and opportunities, and interact optimally with others, the Optimal Thinking Online Assessment is for you.

Each of us has a dominant level of thinking that shapes everything we say or do. The Optimal Thinking Online Assessment is designed to:

  • Identify your dominant level of thinking
  • Reveal the important thinking styles you use less often
  • Explain the pros and cons of these thinking styles
  • Uncover your core motivation (why you do what you do)
  • Determine how much of your thinking is in your best interest

This unique assessment provides the critical insights that enable you to be your best, regardless of the circumstances. It helps you to predict your responses in personal and business situations. You can try it risk-free to:

  • Clarify which situations may be stressful for you
  • Maximize your understanding of yourself and others
  • Bring out the best from your family, coworkers, friends, and others
  • Take action steps to maximize your personal and professional success, and more.

This 50-question assessment offers a tool box to be supremely effective at work, at home, and in all your relationships. You will receive your own personalized 21-page Self-Optimization Report online immediately on completion.

Optimize Your Assessment By Inviting Observers

Your Self-Optimization Report becomes a 360 degree Composite Report when you invite observers to participate and give you feedback. You will then receive your personalized prescriptive 41-page Composite Report with a 360 degree view of yourself through the eyes of others. We include this additional report at no additional cost.

If you wish to maximize your impact on a team, simple invite your team members to serve as anonymous observers. You can read your report online and print it out at your convenience.

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What's Your Thinking Pattern?

During 27 years of fastidious research, we identified six common thinking patterns. For example, some people perform exceptionally well and achieve great results, then slip into mediocre performance. These people fall prey to an internal power struggle that is best resolved with Optimal Thinking.

push pull dynamic

Others perform exceptionally well and achieve great results for a while, but their performance is erratic. These people cycle back and forth between extraordinarily positive and extraordinarily negative performance. Optimal Thinking provides the stability required to maximize execution and optimize performance.

inconsistent performance

Are You the Right Person in the Right Place?

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The Optimal Thinking Difference

Unlike most personality tests or behavioral assessments, you can interpret your assessment results without a counselor, consultant or psychologist. You can use your prescriptive roadmap immediately to be your best, optimize trust, effectiveness, and cooperation in your personal and professional relationships. Simply read your personalized Optimization Reports and implement the suggestions!

Only $69.95 for each end user and unlimited observers to take the assessment during a 30-day period. Please contact us for quantity pricing (more than 10 end users).

Special Offer:   Usually $69.95
$45.00 today (36% discount).

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Our Unconditional Guarantee

As we are totally confident in the value you will receive by taking the Optimal Thinking Online Assessment, we offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

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