some of our clients:
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • YPO
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • US Army
  • Air New Zealand
  • WB
  • Red Bull
  • Frito Lay
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Delta Airlines
  • bp

Put Optimal Thinking to the Test

Let’s face it, you must deliver the best solution for your target audience to maximize your success. People rarely shop for their second best solution. You usually get nothing when you come in second or third.  Winner takes all!

For the past 33 years, the most successful executives and fastest growing companies have used our optimization coaching to optimize performance. We work tirelessly with senior executives to provide the best solutions and the best value – second to none in each niche.

Common Challenges My Clients Face

•   I need my people to commit 100% to our growth goals.
•   I am frustrated in my relationship with my boss/the board.
•   I need to have a difficult conversation with a colleague/my boss/the board, and I’m not sure how to go about it.
•   Can you help me to think through how to best adapt to the new regulations/ownership?
•   My team needs to be more balanced and aligned.
•   When I try to change our culture/support for this initiative, I get a heap of resistance.
•   If we don’t improve performance in the next quarter, we’ll pay a heavy price.
•   We need a new strategy, but can’t agree on the issues.
•   Our strategy is not being implemented optimally.
•   We’re not keeping up with some of our competitors.
•   My career has stalled, and I need help to get ahead.
•   I have too much on my plate, and I’m concerned about burning out.

Is Optimization Coaching For You?

Rosalene Glickman PhD

Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.
CEO and Executive Coach

Optimization coaching is 100% about you. Your most important needs. Your greatest progress. Your most satisfying results.

You focus your energy on its highest and best use. You take the most constructive actions to accomplish your most important goals — while engaged in your business. You deploy Optimal Thinking during each optimization session to reach your agreed upon goal.

We only accept coaching assignments where the client can receive 5 x return on the coaching fee.

We calculate the ROI by defining benefits obtained in monetary terms (where possible). Here is our formula:

Benefits Obtained – Coaching Fee X 100
% ROI  =  ————————————————————————-————
Coaching Fee

Note: Sessions are one hour on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (in person in Los Angeles, via telephone, or video conference).

Optimal Thinking Philosophy Embraces…

•   Your main job in this life is to be your best self.
•   Every situation, even a disaster, is an opportunity to be your best.
•   Your work and relationships are vehicles to put your best self in charge.
•   The future belongs to those who bring their best to the present.

Questions to Consider

1. What is the most important goal you want to achieve from four optimization coaching sessions?
2. What are the benefits to be gained/losses to be avoided by achieving this goal?
3. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 = not important and 10 = imperative), how important is it to achieve this goal?
4. If you don’t achieve this goal, what will it cost you and/or your organization?

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