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Executive Performance Coaching to Maximize Results


Why does executive coaching fail to maximize executive performance? There are many reasons. Let’s start with the simplest one. Executive performance coaching conducted with suboptimal thinking produces suboptimal results! That’s why our coaches employ Optimal Thinking consistently during the executive coaching process to maximize every situation. Here’s an example of how performance varies in suboptimal thinking and Optimal Thinking organizations:

Shelley, a receptionist who works at a suboptimal thinking organization, does only what’s necessary to keep her job. Her suboptimal attitude is clearly reflected in her performance. Because Shelley doesn’t feel loyal toward her organization, she makes most of her personal calls on company time. She places telephone callers on hold, forgets to check back with them, and rarely screens customers before connecting them with company representatives. Unfortunately, Shelley works solely for the money. Because her salary is not affected when she is sweet or surly, efficient or inefficient, there is no reason for her to optimize her performance.

Let’s listen to some suboptimal conversation between employees at a suboptimal thinking organization.

SUBOPTIMAL STEVE: These customers get on my nerves.
SUBOPTIMAL MARY: You’ll have to put up with them if you want to keep your job.

Do people like Shelley, Steve or Mary work for you? Their suboptimal thinking is producing suboptimal customer service!

Now let’s listen to some Optimal Thinkers at an Optimal Thinking organization.

OPTIMAL THINKING CHERYL: These customers get on my nerves. What am I thinking or doing to create this? What’s the best strategy for dealing with this?
OPTIMAL THINKING LYNN: You’re asking the right questions! What do you think is most important to these customers? What is the best way to relate to them, bearing this in mind?

If you were a customer, where would you take your business?

During Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching, you learn how to empower others to be their best, and create a “best place to work” environment. As an Optimal Thinking leader, you point the best way forward. You demonstrate integrity, think and communicate optimally, maximize commitment from your team, and employ best practices to achieve the best possible results in every situation.

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