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How to Choose an Optimal Thinking Coach


I’m often asked how to choose an Optimal Thinking coach, so I thought I’d put it in writing. There are basically three types of Optimal Thinking coaches:

1. Optimal Thinking Life Coach

An Optimal Thinking Life Coach works with you in all areas of your life with a focus on how to best achieve your personal goals. The life coach deals with maximizing your relationships, parenting, weight loss, spiritual development, retirement, speaking, recovery, education, life purpose, and  goals achievement. Optimal Thinking life coaches are not therapists, because we focus on maximizing the present rather than examining the past.

Optimal Thinking Life Coaching also explores your self-limiting core beliefs and provides optimum structure to achieve your most important goals. You work in Los Angeles one-on-one in-person, via Skype or via telephone globally with your coach to develop the action plan that defines your most important goals and the best steps you must take to achieve them. You explore and implement the optimum strategies to overcome the obstacles in your path.

Optimal Thinking life coaching empowers you to put your best self in charge, experience the highest and fullest expression of yourself, and live your best life.

Optimize personal development with Optimal Thinking

2. Optimal Thinking Business Coach

The Optimal Thinking Business Coach typically serves small and mid-sized businesses, and offers expertise in maximizing start-ups, marketing, employment, management, finance, or operations. The business coach provides support, feedback and direction to an individual or group to help them determine how to optimize the effectiveness of their business. Coaching can be delivered one-on-one, in group coaching sessions and in large-scale organizational work in-person, via Skype or via the telephone.  Optimal Thinking Business Coaches specialize in different areas such as executive coaching, corporate coaching and leadership coaching.

3. Optimal Thinking Executive Coach

An Optimal Thinking Executive Coach serves professionals within larger corporations as well as emerging leaders. Our executive coaches specialize in maximizing skill development, strategic thinking, productivity, interpersonal communications, performance management, organizational savvy, team coaching, executive presence and leadership development. The coach serves as an objective sounding board, and equips you with best practices to deal with critical near-term issues, and develop optimum leadership and management skills that have immediate, lasting and optimal impact.

Coaches often work on needs uncovered via a 360-degree (mulit-rater) review conducted by our coach, or your company. Optimal Thinking Executive Coaches provide inspiration, encouragement, and motivation to execute your most vital priorities and objectives.

Executive coaching focuses on the best outcomes that can be attained in short periods of time (usually three to six months). With its focus on specific, near-term goals, executive coaching is structured to achieve optimal results in a minimum amount of time. As you achieve the outcomes, you may choose to extend the executive coaching relationship by identifying other areas where executive coaching would best benefit you.

Executive coaching sessions in Los Angeles, onsite, via Skype, gotomeeting, or telephone occur weekly or bi-weekly, usually lasting for 60 to 90 minutes. More intensive schedules include two and three hour sessions or day-long “shadowing” by the coach.


5 Responses to “How to Choose an Optimal Thinking Coach”

  1. Deprin D says:

    I need some executive coaching!

  2. Jim Wallace says:

    Thanks for defining difference and expectations. I would love to have some executive coaching with you if you are available.

  3. Hank Chambers says:

    If I can have telephone executive coaching, I’m in.

  4. Amanda G says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve often wondered about what to expect from different coaching disciplines.

  5. Gordon J says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting coaching from you. This post helps.

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