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Life Coaching With Optimal Thinking to Overcome Loneliness


lonelinessMany people feel lonely and depressed during this period of social isolation, particularly on weekends and during holiday periods. They feel disconnected from loved ones and unhappy with their lives. Are you willing to answer some optimal questions to best resolve these lonely feelings by yourself, for yourself?

Bear in mind, we all suffer the misery of loneliness at some time in our lives. You feel lonely when you experience yourself as separate and disconnected from others. You may find yourself observing people around you, but are unable to participate. When the pain of your isolation is overwhelming, you feel heartbroken. Loneliness is an authentic signal of unfulfilled social or intimacy needs.

You can feel lonely when you are by yourself and have no one to connect with, or when you are with others who are emotionally unavailable. Loneliness advises you about emotional availability—whether you or others are emotionally open or shut down. You can gain understanding, and use Optimal Thinking to best resolve your loneliness by asking yourself:

• What am I thinking or doing to create these lonely feelings?
• Do I feel unlovable?
• Do I feel unneeded and different from others?
• Am I blaming my loneliness on what is unchangeable?
• Am I emotionally available?
• Am I trying to connect with someone who is emotionally shut down?
• Am I expecting more from others than they are willing to give?
• Is my loneliness informing me that I need to reach out and connect with people?
• What are the best actions I can take to overcome my fear of rejection?
• What are the most constructive actions I can take?

Many irrational ideas and assumptions lead to feelings of loneliness, including: “No one likes me,” “There is no one available,” or “I have to cater to another person and there’s no time for me.”  Question the validity of any self-defeating thoughts and explore what is in your best interest.

Minimize your lonely feelings with statements like: “This is temporary. What’s the best thing I can do?” Keep your focus on what you can and are willing to optimize. Being alone is a natural state of every living soul. If you enjoy being alone, you will most likely be able to reach out to others. Be true to yourself and understand that not everyone will love you. Loving yourself, sharing your love unconditionally, and communicating your boundaries to others is the best way to optimize your connection with them.

If you are experiencing profound loneliness and are willing to implement the best solutions, we offer life coaching by telephone or video conference. We will resume in-person meetings in our Marina del Rey, Los Angeles office according to the coronavirus task force guidelines. You can overcome loneliness.

Call (424) 204-6133
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14 Responses to “Life Coaching With Optimal Thinking to Overcome Loneliness”

  1. Barbara Tomkins says:

    I’ve been very lonely and depressed during the pandemic. This post helped me get out of my own way. Thanks.

  2. Thank you for another informative web post. Where else could I get this kind of info written in such a wonderful way? I have an important relationship goal that I’m working on, and I’ve been looking for this information.

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    Well together with your permission let me to take hold of your RSS feed to keep up to date. Thanks a million and please keep up the work.

  4. Lonely lady says:

    I am good looking, smart, and fun. I don’t know why I haven’t been able to have a lasting relationship with a man. I try to keep myself busy but when I’m alone, I feel lonely and disappointed. I’m going to use this road map. It’s great. Thanks for your help.

  5. Textile salesman says:

    Loneliness has been a problem for me ever since my divorce. Thanks for this resource.

  6. F. G. says:

    Loneliness has been a big problem for me. I am lonely and suffer from depression. I don’t have energy to go and meet people and then I feel more lonely. Your advice has really helped me. I am going to buy your emotional mastery cards. Thanks for your help.

  7. Charlie M says:

    Great website for life and career optimization. I have to say that I hate being lonely. Great practical advice on loneliness.

  8. Digi F says:

    Thanks for taking the time to share optimal thinking for dealing with loneliness. I for one really feel strongly about it and enjoyed learning about it. I can see that you possess great expertise on this topic. I’d like to learn far more from you on this subject material, so I’ve bookmarked this page and will return quickly to learn more.

  9. Herschel Aurelia says:

    Very good article! Nice informative tips. I already bookmarked your blog.

  10. Ida C says:

    I googled “Life coach los angeles” and found you. WONDERFUL Post. I feel lonely much too often, and appreciate your road map for dealing with loneliness. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Pat T says:

    Great site. A lot of useful information about dealing with loneliness here. I’m sending it to a friend who has been looking for a life coach!

  12. Alice Gross says:

    You are a fabulous life coach. I’ve been in therapy for three years and although it has helped, I was still lonely. This article has given me understanding and a practical road map to overcome loneliness. Thanks a million.

  13. Raymond H says:

    I found you under life coach los angeles in google and found your understanding of loneliness compelling. Thanks for posting this excellent information.

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