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Executive Coaching Best Practices for Erratic Performance


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Los Angeles, October 27, 2010Executive coaching is often wasted on talented executives who demonstrate erratic performance. When the thinking patterns behind these behaviors remain intact, these executives fail to meet deadlines, make irrational business decisions, favor undeserving employees, control others with temper tantrums, or use passive-aggression as a management tool. Their plight to execute best practices and consistently achieve the highest priorities is thwarted.

When an executive coach employs suboptimal thinking in the coaching process, best practices and best solutions are avoided, and are merely an empty promise. Executive coaching implemented with a solid optimal thinking foundation inspires and produces best practices, and provides the stability to maximize focus and optimal execution.

The Optimal Thinking 360 Assessment uncovers the thinking patterns, emotional intelligence, and core motivation that inhibit and encourage the executive’s optimum performance. During executive coaching, the core motivation of the unpredictable executive is employed to determine the best path to achieve the executive’s supreme goals. After the most detrimental gaps in leadership behaviors are identified, optimum realistic behaviors are explored, agreed upon, and substituted. The optimal thinking coach obtains progress reports from the executive, superiors, peers and direct reports, then provides objective feedback, and asks questions to invite the executive to point the best way forward.

On the executive coaching best practices path, the executive listens to the 100-Day Optimal Thinking Audio Program between executive coaching sessions. Limiting core beliefs are diffused, and self-sabotaging behaviors are minimized. The executive employs optimal thinking on a daily basis, and practices optimum behaviors on and off the job. Optimal thinking roadmaps to release what is out of the executive’s control, achieve emotional mastery and maximize communications are repeatedly implemented.

Where possible, the optimal thinking executive coach meets with the executive on the job to support the leader’s vision, optimize team building efforts and restore the confidence that was previously compromised. Optimal Thinking executive coaching clients include Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, education and government executives.

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