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Executive Coaching Best Practices for Erratic Performance

October 27, 2010: When an executive coach employs suboptimal thinking in the coaching process, best practices and best solutions are avoided, and are merely an empty promise. Executive coaching implemented with a solid optimal thinking foundation inspires and produces best practices, and provides the stability to maximize focus and optimal execution.

Los Angeles Executive Coaching

October 20, 2010: Los Angeles Executive coaching to optimize – not just improve or manage – the performance of executives who lack management skills, leadership training, and organizational savvy. Even when such executives are narcissistic, poor team players, erratic, or unmotivated, Optimal thinking executive coaching empowers them to employ best practices to achieve the best possible solutions, regardless of their circumstances.

Tony Snow Tribute: Optimal Thinking Journalist, Commentator and White House Press Secretary

Tony Snow Tribute: Optimal pays tribute to Tony Snow, Optimal Thinking Journalist, commentator and White House Press Secretary.

‘Optimal Thinking: 9 Optimal Days Toward Permanent Results’ by Dr Rosalene Glickman Finally Available as an Audiobook on CDs and as a Download

April 24, 2007: Millions of people worldwide are optimizing their personal and business success thanks to Dr. Rosalene Glickman’s international best-selling book, Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self. Optimal Thinking programs are sweeping the globe, replacing the erroneous “Think Positive!” motto that has been with us for decades. Today, Gildan Media released a four-CD Optimal Thinking audio program to enable participants to actually experience nine optimal days with Optimal Thinking.

Sales Force Optimization Experts Explain Why Sales Organizations Fall By the Wayside

March 22, 2007: Most sales organizations still rely on the erroneous ‘Just be positive, it will all work out fine’ motto. Too often, their sales personnel are wishful thinkers who suppress negativity, focus on what is out of their control, and make suboptimal choices. They squander sales opportunities because they don’t make the most of the options available to them. Their suboptimal thinking compromises their communications and produces suboptimal sales performance.

The Secret — Optimal Thinking Best-Selling Author Reveals the Truth

March 20, 2007: With more than 1.5 million DVDs sold and over 1.2 million copies of The Secret in print (authored by former Australian television producer Rhonda Byrne), the “Just be positive, it will all work out fine” motto is back in the limelight. However Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., repeatedly honored by the media as “Australia’s most successful woman”, is cautioning followers against potentially disastrous consequences.

New Optimal Thinking Program Provides Missing Link to Sales Success

November 16, 2006: “Sales opportunities are squandered every day because sales organizations are rife with suboptimal thinking. Every time a sales person thinks suboptimally, productivity, revenue, profits and market share are compromised. That’s why I have assembled a team of top sales industry experts and we are now launching the Continuous Sales Optimization Program” emphasized Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., international best-selling author of Optimal Thinking and founder of

Emotional Intelligence: The Optimal Thinking Solution

April 19, 2006: “Many people use food, drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions to avoid their troublesome feelings. They don’t know how to deal with them, or how to meet their needs.” Dr. Rosalene Glickman believes that emotional mastery can easily be learned and implemented in schools, at home, and in the workplace. Optimal Thinking, the language of our best self, enables us to focus on what is most important, make the most of our feelings, and best meet our needs.

When Life Feels Hard, Reach For An Emotional Mastery Wallet Card

April 13, 2006: Optimal Thinking Emotional Mastery Wallet Cards contain roadmaps to understand the specific messages signaled by turbulent feelings such as anxiety, anger, disappointment, loneliness, and depression. If you experiencing or overwhelmed by such feelings — losing sleep over work-related issues, fuming about unfair treatment, or feeling anxious about dealing with the tasks at hand — you can select the appropriate card and process your feelings on the spot.

What We Must Learn From Katrina

September 3, 2005: Katrina! Graphic images from a third world country? No. Graphic images revealing the devastating consequences of unrealistic optimism. “We simply can’t afford to approach life with a false sense of security and remain ill prepared for negative consequences. When the cost of failure and/or probability of failure are high, optimism is a senseless strategy” according to Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., best-selling author of Optimal Thinking.

When Should You Blow the Whistle?

June 1, 2005: What motivates people to expose illegal activities within an organization? How do these people make their decisions? Why are their lives often ruined? What would it take to encourage others to reveal such critical information?

Learn the answers by interviewing Dr. Rosalene Glickman, best-selling author of the critically acclaimed book, Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self (Wiley), who provides training for the Internal Revenue Service, U.S. Army, Johnson & Johnson, Warner Bros, and Young Presidents’ Organization.

Does Your Thinking Protect You From Financial Despair?

May 25, 2005: “Many people jump into get-rich-quick schemes, create ruinous debt, and fail to employ solid strategies that serve their best interests” according to Dr. Rosalene Glickman, author of the critically acclaimed best-selling book, OPTIMAL THINKING (Wiley).