Certified Assessment Associate Program (Individual)



Certified Assessment Associates may present 90-minute follow up sessions (within specific guidelines) with individual End Users and/or Corporate Optimal Thinking Online Assessment clients. You interpret the nuances in reports, provide additional options, and further the optimization process. Specifically, you:

1. Analyze the assessment, identifying the strengths, weaknesses and optimization opportunities. Compile a brief summary report to senior leaders that combines charts, employee comments and specific suggestions.

2, Present Expert Support Report to HR Director and/or organizational leadership. Clarify the optimization initiatives that require their support. Appoint a senior leader to champion the project.

3. Conduct a 90-minute workshop with participants. Determine tangible optimization steps and the schedule to best achieve all initiatives.

4. Support the project champion on holding colleagues accountable for all initiatives.

The individual Certified Assessment Associate Program consists of five one-one-one coaching sessions with a Certified Optimal Thinking coach.


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