Optimal Thinking Book (Wiley 7 printings, 17 languages)

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Autographed by the author, Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.

(ISBN: 0471414646, Wiley 256 pages, 7 printings and in 17 languages)

30-day-money-back-guaranteeEndorsed by Dr. Stephen Covey, Dr. Ken Blanchard, Dr. Edward De Bono, Brian Tracy, Robin Leech, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Nathaniel Branden, and numerous other experts.

Clients include U.S. Army, Young Presidents Organization, Warner Bros., National Australia Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Internal Revenue Service, Red Bull, and Air New Zealand.

2 reviews for Optimal Thinking Book (Wiley 7 printings, 17 languages)

  1. Howard J

    This best seller gives an evergreen formula to bring the best version of ourselves to every circumstance. Brilliant.

  2. Andy Whallous

    Classic ground-breaking book that you will read over and over again. Shows you how to be your best in any situation. Not a touchy feel book. Practical formula for optimum choices and living.

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