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Leaders, teams and organizations can’t function at their peak when they think and execute suboptimally. Transform AnyOrg (a typical workplace) into OptiOrg (an optimized workplace). Optimize your leadership skills, and select the right people to help you achieve your mission. Inspire and empower others to commit to your vision. Learn how to make the most constructive decisions in any business situation and consistently achieve optimum results.

30-day-money-back-guaranteeIdentify what the best means to you and your organization and achieve what is most important. Establish trust, resolve conflicts, build optimal relationships and determine solutions to maximize talent, processes, resources, opportunities, effectiveness and profits.

3 reviews for Optimal Thinking Leader Seminar

  1. Tony G

    Rosalene Glickman is a universal thought leader who knows how to train emerging and already great leaders to be their best. She helped me to transition from day to day leadership to inspired optimization. An invaluable gift.

  2. Simon Johnson

    I brought Rosalene in to train our leaders after I attended a YPO session with her. Her workshops were instrumental in helping us to resolve difficult issues that have held us back for two years. She is a brilliant communicator and delivers a practical formula that gets the best out of leaders.

  3. Barry Browne

    Outstanding seminar. We put the information to use right away.

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