Optimize Your Time Virtual Seminar

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The Optimize Your Time: Don’t Just Manage It! virtual seminar enables you to define your ultimate purpose and highest priorities. You learn how to employ Optimal Thinking consistently and identify the thinking that stops you from being your best. You then set your SUPREME goals. You create your Optimal plan (the fastest route to success) and learn how to overcome procrastination, obstacles and roadblocks with minimum time loss.

In this webinar, you discover how to make best use of your daily calendar, email and other online resources. You learn how to eliminate distractions so that you can consistently take the most productive actions to achieve what is most important!

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7 reviews for Optimize Your Time Virtual Seminar

  1. Brandon Winters

    Dr. Rosalene is a fabulous presenter, extremely knowledgable and a lot of fun. I learned a lot of useful information. I would have liked to have an extra day.

  2. Robert Wong

    I see all the 5 star reviews here and I’m adding another one. I’ve attended several time management programs during my career but none of them had the lasting impact that this one has. It goes way beyond tactics.

  3. David Y

    Wow! I got so many tips that I was able to put into practice right away. What distinguishes this workshop from others is the solid foundation of optimization. Roseline Glickman is brilliant.

  4. Lee S

    Loved this seminar. Took me from overwhelm to being back in full charge of a tight schedule.

  5. Sheldon R

    Our team deals with multiple projects at a time and our challenge was to stop burnout. This seminar gave us the tools to do just that. Our people also got a lot out of the custom Optimize Time assessment they took before the seminar. This seminar was a great investment in productivity and technical staff retention.

  6. Chuck Stevens

    I attended this seminar with 30 employees at my company. Dr. Rosalene knows her stuff and she’s fun. I’ve been using her tips and I am much more productive. Awesome seminar.

  7. Doug Cornish

    This seminar is superb. My team was running behind schedule not because we weren’t good, but because we were not optimizing our workflow. We learned so many practical techniques that we implemented on day 1 and continue to implement. We are now under-promising and over-delivering.

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