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Executive Coaching for Barack Obama?

Presidential seal

Executive coaching for the former President? During the 2008 Presidential race, pundits and ordinary citizens questioned Barack Obama’s executive experience. Then, an overwhelming majority of citizens showed their displeasure by voting his team out of their majority position in the House of Representatives and limiting their capabilities in the Senate. During his presidency, most Americans…

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Executive Coaching for Catastrophic Situations

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Why would a federal judge order a test on the cement Halliburton Co. used to seal the BP well that blew out catastrophically in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, 2010. Because the judge understands that when the cost of failure is high, optimism is the wrong strategy! I often wonder why talented executives…

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Executive Coaching: Optimal Thinking or Suboptimal Thinking?

optimal thinking vs suboptimal thinking

Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching employs best practices to achieve the best solutions in every decision and activity. Executive coaching based on suboptimal thinking employs suboptimal practices to achieve suboptimal solutions in every decision and activity. provides assessment, feedback and optimal action plans. Executive coaching based on suboptimal thinking can provide assessment and feedback, and provides…

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Executive Coaching Best Practices: Is This For You?

global best practices

Here are five or the many reasons executives choose an executive coach best practices with an Optimal Thinking coach: 1. Optimal Thinking Executive Coaching empowers executives to optimize — not just manage or improve — their personal and business success. The Optimal Thinking executive coach collaborates with the executive to develop a customized career and…

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Why Optimal Thinking is Imperative in Executive Coaching

optimal thinking coach

Many executives don’t understand why Optimal Thinking is imperative in executive coaching.  They compromise their careers because they don’t know how this best practice executive coaching can meaningfully optimize their career satisfaction and income. What’s more, those who hire an executive coach, too often choose the wrong coach for inappropriate reasons. The difference between a standard,…

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