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The Associate Program is designed specifically for trainers, consultants, counselors, and coaches.

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The Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment supplements and optimizes the impact of:

  • training
  • coaching
  • consulting
  • continuing education
  • development programs

The Assessment provides individual and corporate clients with a 360 degree view of their thinking and performance. Your clients discover their dominant thinking style, core motivation and stressors. They learn how to best interact with others. Participants receive a personalized 21-page Self-Optimization Report (without observer input). The custom report contains suggestions to optimize their thinking, performance, and interactions. If they invite observers to rate them, they receive a 41-page Composite Report. The report confirms their strengths, weakness and blind spots.

What Is the Associate Program?

The Optimal Thinking Assessment Associate Program does not require certification.  Associates are wholesale distributors (resellers) who deploy the assessment as a profit center. You order assessments in bulk at a reseller discount and sell them to individual and corporate clients (see pricing table). Associates use the Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment to optimize:

  • recruiting and selection
  • career counseling
  • outplacements
  • team building
  • performance management
  • management development
  • training
  • mentoring
  • organization development

Who Are Certified Associates?

Certified Associates can also present 90-minute follow up sessions to individual and corporate clients. You interpret the nuances in reports and provide more options. You personalize individual, interpersonal and organizational optimization. Associates must attend one of the following to achieve certification:

  • two three-hour training video conferences (on Zoom)
  • one-on-one coaching
  • one-day training

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3 reviews for Associate Assessment (Resellers)

  1. Marta N

    Love this program for extra income. The assessment is great

  2. Max Regan

    Instant access to accurate reports. Well worth it. Great way to make passive income.

  3. Jim B

    I am a HR consultant located in Los Angeles. I’ve recommended this assessment to many companies and have had great feedback. This is a terrific automated profit center.

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