Optimal Thinking Communicator Seminar

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This practical communication skills seminar empowers you to maximize — not just improve — your communication skills. You learn how to be your best, communicate most productively, and bring out the best from others. You discover how to use Optimal Thinking to ask the best questions and obtain the best solutions.

30-day-money-back-guaranteeIn this communication skills seminar, you learn how to listen most effectively, interpret and maximize non-verbal signals, and communicate assertively with the best interests of all stakeholders in mind. You discover how to gain instant rapport with others (even the most difficult people), minimize unwanted behaviors and negotiate the best results. You also learn the most constructive techniques for resolving conflicts. You can even measure the profits you will make in monetary terms by optimizing your thinking and communication skills.

6 reviews for Optimal Thinking Communicator Seminar

  1. Angela J

    I couldn’t have enough of this workshop. It was really entertaining and informative. I’ve put the info to work in my role to great effect. A must do workshop.

  2. Sylvia Jameson

    This seminar gave me the tools to best deal with all kinds of customers. It is terrific.

  3. Helen J

    Entertaining, informative, practical, best in class workshop.

  4. Chris H

    I got many wonderful tips from this seminar that I use at work and in other relationships. I’ve attended many seminars at work over the years. This seminar was fun, very informative, and most important, practical. I received the tools I need to make the best of every communication.

  5. Anthony D

    Our group loved this seminar and gave it a 5 star review on the evaluation sheet. The workshop was a lot of fun and Dr. Glickman is incredibly knowledgeable. She uses plain language to deliver the message. We were quite disfunctional before the seminar, backstabbing and gossiping and sabotaging. Clear communication has set us free.

  6. Walt Berman

    Rosalene Glickman is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. A real thought leader. Her communication skills seminar gets to the bottom of dysfunctional and unhelpful communications and shows everyone how to really get the right messages across and optimize rapport. A don’t miss seminar!

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