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Optimal Thinking 360° Assessment Questions


1.  I take responsibility for making the most of my life.
2.  I am in control of my life.
3.  I like myself.
4.  I don't get along well with people.
5.  I deserve to have what I want.
6.  I deserve the best in life.
7.  I can't have the best in life.
8.  I am comfortable with success.
9.  I view failure as a learning opportunity.
10. I accept what is out of my control and optimize what is in my control.
11. I can't handle rejection.
12. I can handle pain.
13. I am happy to be alive.
14. I do my best. I give life my best shot.
15. I embrace negativity as a natural part of life.
16. I have realistic expectations of myself, of others, and of life.
17. I bring out the best in others.
18. I don't handle conflict effectively.
19. I accomplish my most important goals.
20. I am comfortable with all my feelings.
21. I am happy about my career prospects.
22. My financial situation satisfies my needs.
23. I consider the worst event scenario and the best contingency plan when evaluating risks.
24. I make the most of whatever crosses my path.
25. I am not where I need to be in my life right now.
26. I am comfortable expressing my thoughts, needs, and wants.
27. I can rely on myself to make the wisest decisions.
28. I don't know what is supremely important to me.
29. I know the best way to achieve my most important goal.
30. I make the best use of my time.
31. My decisions are consistent with my highest values and principles.
32. I deal with my feelings as soon as I notice them.
33. I don't respond appropriately when I am emotionally hurt.
34. I trust myself to behave appropriately.
35. I treat others respectfully.
36. I listen carefully when people speak to me.
37. I discover what is in the best interest of others.
38. I am a dedicated leader/manager/colleague/employee.
39. I don't communicate my boundaries effectively to others.
40. I am appreciated for the work I do.
41. I express my talents through my work.
42. My coworkers respect me.
43. I am not passionate about my work.
44. I respect the dignity and rights of others.
45. I respect myself in all my communications with others.
46. I praise and reprimand others appropriately.
47. I cooperate with others to create the best results.
48. I motivate others to do their best.
49. People can't rely on me.
50. I am able to do what I do best every day.