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Business Optimization

Are you wary of the tips and tricksters who use the term “business optimization” to share strategies and tactics that produce questionable results? If so, you have landed in the right place. We are the global authority in Optimal Thinking and optimization.

In the Absence of Optimal Thinking, Optimization is an Empty Promise.

before and after business optimization

Employing proven realistic, timeless, universal optimization principles, our purpose is to optimize – not just manage or improve – the performance of individuals and organizations with consistent Optimal Thinking. To experience best practices and best solutions, click on the following programs, products and resources:

customized business assessments

Customized assessments used by thousands of universities, government organizations, and more than 30,000 companies and one million individuals.

employee motivation programs

Motivation strategies and “Get Motivated” seminars to achieve and sustain optimal employee motivation.

organizational culture change

Achieve business optimization by optimizing organizational culture change.

become a best place to work

Learn how to create an Optimal Thinking workplace where loyal, capable employees contribute their best, turnover is minimal, and value growth is doubled.

employee retention programs

Learn how to retain valuable employees who have accumulated job know-how and your organization’s intellectual property.

best companies to work for

Learn how to achieve business optimization from “Best Companies to Work For” award recipients.

management consulting

Maximize strategic analyses, innovation, and sound business principles with Optimal Thinking.

optimization case studies

Review several business optimization case studies and apply them to your organization.

best leadership quotes

Business quotes employ to empower you to make the best business decisions and take the best actions to achieve your business objectives.