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Customized Assessments to Optimize Business Performance

Thousands of companies, hundreds of universities, and government organizations use our customized assessments on a daily basis.

Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment

Optimal Thinking 360 Corporate AssessmentThis assessment empowers individuals and organizations to be their best.  Participants maximize communications, resources and opportunities. More than 6500 companies have used this assessment to optimize:

  • strategy
  • culture
  • communications
  • productivity

The self-optimization assessment generates a 21-page report online. When 10 observers provide input, a 41-page comprehensive 360 online report is generated. The 360 assessment allows unlimited observer evaluations.

The Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment optimizes training, coaching, consulting, continuing education and development programs. The assessment is ideal for:

  • Executives
  • Business owners
  • Human resource professionals
  • In-house trainers
  • Division managers

Private-Label Customized Assessments

We customize these free assessments to best meet your requirements.  We include your logo and change the content.  All customized assessments are hosted on our server.

To rate your leadership skills, take this 25-question confidential leadership skills assessment online. Developed over 27 years, this executive assessment pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you understand the difference between where you are and where you most want to be.

Over 490,000 leaders including Fortune 500 executives, politicians, military leaders, and graduate students have taken this leader assessment.

Take this 25-question confidential Communication Skills Assessment to rate your communication skills. Over 585,000 people ranging from Fortune 500 executives, politicians, military leaders, and graduate students have taken this communication skills assessment.

Take this 25-question Time Management Skills Assessment to rate your time management skills. Over 395,000 people ranging from Fortune 500 executives, politicians, military leaders, and graduate students have taken this assessment. Discover how well you use your time.

Successful executives, business owners, and others believe coaching has been instrumental in catapulting their careers and personal success. This 15-statement quiz will help you to determine if you are coachable and if coaching is for you.

Take this 25-question confidential Business Maturity Assessment to rate your business. The assessment was developed over 25 years to pinpoint your business’s strengths and weaknesses. You will understand the gap between where you are and where you need to be.

Many businesses lack a viable custom business plan to best guide their success. During the past 27 years, we have learned when our premier business plan service is in a company’s best interests. This 12-question quiz will help you determine whether our business plan service is for you.

This 25-question assessment will help you to rate your company’s process improvement and product/service design. You will learn where your company stands in relation to where it needs to be.

This 25-statement innovation quiz is free and scored online. Examine how well your organization generates and supports innovation.

Emotions are invaluable allies that serve as our inner compass. Disturbing emotions are optimization signals. They alert us that our thinking or actions may not be in our best interest. This assessment is used by over 2000 companies and 110,000 individuals. The 25-statements uncover the emotional intelligence of individuals, teams, departments and organizations.

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  • Your assessment was easy and quick to complete. I cannot think of any dislikes.

    Larry Jadrych, CPA, Senior Consultant,

    Callaway Partners Practice of Huron Consulting Group, Inc.

  • I enjoyed the insight in to how my thinking style interacts with others. I felt the description of the interaction was accurate.

    Bennett Letwin, Innovation Strategist,


  • The discussion of "how to" connect with other "thinking types" will be helpful with my relationships with others, both at work and in my personal life.

    Tom Rutenberg, CFO,

    C.W. Hurt Contractors, Inc.

  • The assessment itself is very comprehensive. I also like that it is in pdf format and not just html so I can save it and read it while not on the internet.

    Elaine Wuertz, Chairman of the Board,

    Life Science Information Technology Global Institute.

  • Forces you to think outside the box of the Myers Briggs or similar tools. Also shows you more of a rounded look at who you are and how you think than other assessments.

    Kurt Weber, Senior Financial Executive,

    The Johnsson Group.

  • This analysis provides a sound method for gaining insight into how your thinking and actions are perceived by others unlike other ways such information can be obtained. It provides a good understanding of how to recognize your own style and enables you to consider how to improve.

    Lenny Bart, Exec.V.P. Administration, Warner Bros.

    Domestic TV Distribution