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What is Optimal Thinking?

What is Optimal Thinking and Levels of ThinkingHave any of these thoughts ever crossed your mind?

  • What’s the best use of my time right now?
  • How can I make the most of this situation?
  • What’s my greatest source of inspiration?

If you entertain such thoughts, you are using Optimal Thinking.

Optimal Thinking is the mental technology that empowers individuals and organizations to be their best.

Unfortunately, most people use Optimal Thinking randomly.

With Optimal Thinking, your best self takes charge. When you use this realistic thinking style, you focus on what is most important. You make the most constructive choices, and take the best actions to accomplish your highest priorities.

What’s most exciting is that it doesn’t matter what stage of life you are in, or in what circumstance you find yourself — you can use Optimal Thinking to instantly make the most of any situation.

Optimal Thinking — the language of your best self — is the mental basis of best practices, best solutions, and peak performance.

When the cost of failure is high, optimism is the wrong strategy.

On this site, you will find universal, timeless road maps in the art of consistent Optimal Thinking. You will find resources that empower you to lead with your best self, bring out the best from others, and experience the best outcomes — regardless of the circumstances.

Which side are you on?

  • Make bad, good and better choices
  • Undermine relationships with suboptimal communications
  • Squander health, wealth, and happiness
  • Settle for second-rate employees and candidates
  • Provide a second-rate customer experience
  • Reduce trust, innovation, opportunities, profit and growth

  • Optimal Thinking has a little bit for everyone and will help people be the best self they can be.

    Kenneth Blanchard, Author,

    The One Minute Manager

  • A superb treatment of the idea of Personal Best.

    Stephen R. Covey, Ph.D.

    Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

  • I must endorse Optimal Thinking as the mental foundation for peak performance in all fields. Optimal Thinking is a quantum leap beyond rhetorical positive thinking ideology.

    Dr. Gregory H. Tefft

    Triple Crown Mr. America, Olympics Sports Medicine Staff, California

  • This powerful, practical, most inspiring book gives you the ideas and tools you need to become an optimally productive and powerful person - in every area of your life.

    Brian Tracy

    Author, Psychology of Achievement.

  • To fast create an optimal life, lifestyle and future, read, digest and use Optimal Thinking.

    Mark Victor Hansen

    #1 New York Times best selling series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®.

  • Optimal Thinking is a safe journey of self-exploration, self-expression and self-optimization.

    Iris Chayet,

    Marriage & Family Therapist

  • There is no limit on what you can achieve if you optimize and utilize optimal thinking in your day-to-day activities.

    Martha Smith, Acting Director,

    U.S. Treasury Complaints Mega Center

  • You make very clear the difference between positive thinking and optimal thinking, and give many scenarios which clearly illustrate the advantages and power of optimal thinking.

    Rose Wolfenbarger,

    Communications Coordinator, ReCreation

  • Optimal Thinking has been beneficial in increasing our general managers' and sales managers' time organization and general performance.

    Gerd Willhoeft, Training Manager

    Mercedes-Benz, Australia

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