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  • YPO
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • US Army
  • Air New Zealand
  • WB
  • Red Bull
  • Frito Lay
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Delta Airlines
  • bp

Government Proposal Writers with 92% RFP Win Rate

  • Does your staff lack the time or expertise to consistently win government RFP bids?
  • Have your government proposal writers achieved a suboptimal win rate?
  • Are you concerned about meeting RFP bid requirements, or even disqualification?
  • If your company has completed projects of similar size and scope to current RFP requirements, we’re right for you.

Look no further if you are ready to invest in top-rated government proposal writers to maximize your win rate. For 28 years, we have produced winning proposals in every major industry. Clients include:

  • reputable companies who submit RFP bids to government agencies
  • the top 100 government contractors

Our professional government proposal writers have captured $6.8 billion in government contracts.

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Optimization Is Our Specialty

Winner takes all in the government contract business.
You get nothing if you finish second.

government proposal writersEach government RFP requires the custom response that best meets the solicitation requirements. There is no room for second best.

Right away, you will receive our proprietary step-by-step bid optimization guide. Our proposal manager works with you to optimize every issue. You never proceed in the dark.

We triple check the issuer’s instructions and evaluation criteria. We then provide you with a detailed compliance spreadsheet and proposal outline.

Our government RFP response writers include:

  • RFP optimization experts
  • former federal, state and local government contracting specialists
  • senior level corporate executives

Custom Government Proposal Writing

Our team members have grown hundreds of companies, from startups to Fortune 100. We optimize marketing, operations, and financial data. Our optimal thinking professionals check all RFP success factors including:

  • government agency relationships
  • winning value proposition
  • durable competitor advantage
  • competitor barriers to entry
  • potential headwinds
  • technology
  • markets
  • pricing

We have developed and optimized our RFP approach over 28 years. Our proprietary RFP proposal management system maximizes document workflow.

We track priorities, tasks and milestones against deadlines. And your people avoid the stress associated with complex projects and tough deadlines.

What Our Professional RFP Writers Do

Our RFP proposal writers conduct a comprehensive review of your information. We decide which content we can use and what we need to edit. Our team also determines what to generate from scratch.

We work with your project manager to create, edit, organize and optimize the RFP response. If needed, our team also conducts primary and secondary market research.

When writing a government RFP response, we:

  • connect respectfully with the issuer in the cover letter and executive summary
  • present your organization’s unique value proposition throughout the proposal
  • track compliance with the RFP requirements
  • collaborate to provide the best-in-class competitive response
  • mirror the issuer’s language in every section of the proposal
  • demonstrate how your company best meets the issuer’s needs

And There’s More

Our experienced government proposal writers collaborate with you and our graphic artist. We format the content that sets your brand apart from all others.

Our team develops custom bid proposal templates to maximize brand recognition and bid efficiency.

We print, package, mail, and assist with electronic submissions on time, every time.

Note: The lead time for RFP responses varies based on the complexity of the RFP and your readiness. The more time we have, the better the response.

Work With the Best in the Business.

Why You Can Count on Our Government Proposal Writers

government proposal writing services team
Many government RFP proposal services use templates and one RFP writer. But these limited solutions are usually rejected by savvy reviewers. When only one person produces an RFP response, the proposal win rate is low.

We deploy three experts with relevant industry experience for each RFP response. Their cross pollination uncovers unforeseen obstacles and produces the most successful responses.

Our government RFP bid writers understand how to delight savvy government agencies. These agencies seek providers whose value proposition triumphs over all others. We communicate with the reviewers in their specific language to achieve the desired outcome.

Because we like to sleep well at night, we only write RFP proposal responses that are likely to succeed. That’s one reason why our team has outperformed the national average for 28 years. We take utmost pride in maintaining our 92 percent success rate.

Government Contracts We’ve Won

Our proposal writers have acquired government contracts all over the globe. We have won federal U.S. contracts and government contracts in every U.S. state for 28 years. You can rely on us.

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Monday to Friday, 8:30 am – 5 pm PST.

Get a no-obligation fixed quote for your next RFP.

  • When we need to win a government RFP, this team gets it done. They have responded to 13 RFPs for us and won all of them. What a find.

    Alan S.

    CEO, Healthcare corporation

  • I would like to say how wonderful your service is and when you told me that you were going to put your Top Writer on the job, I didn't imagine that they were going to be that good! Thanks!

    L SSgt Christopher H.

    U.S. Army

  • Optimal Writing Services delivers a top quality proposal on time and on budget. They wrote an amazing RFP for my organization in 23 days and we won the bid!

    Jack B.

    CEO, Financial Services Corporation

  • I want to thank you for your rigorous exploration of my concept, competitors and unique selling proposition before you wrote my business proposal. The proposal hits the nail on the head and has been a life saver.

    Jenny G.

    President, Occupational therapy company

  • The proposal team is far more cost effective and efficient than the in-house team we used for 18 years. We're winning 32% more of the proposals we go for.

    Jim B.

    CEO, Tech company

  • "Best service I have ever used in my 20 years in business. They are extremely professional, effective and efficient. To add they are very easy to work with."

    Richard Horton, President

    Clear Choice Systems, Inc.

  • This proposal writing team exceeds expectations. Their writers, editors and graphics people are second to none. They've helped us win highly competitive RFP's and commercial proposals. Straight shooters that add real value.

    Richard W.

    SVP, Global hospitality chain

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    Pete N, CEO, Mid-size security company

  • "First-rate service. The value added to a complex proposal submission by the OptimalThinking Team cannot be defined in a nominal amount. Their input, organization and direction evolved into a critical component of the entire submission process."

    Robert Black III, CEO

    BlackStar International Inc.