some of our clients:
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • YPO
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • US Army
  • Air New Zealand
  • WB
  • Red Bull
  • Frito Lay
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Delta Airlines
  • bp

100-Day Optimal Thinking Audio Program

Guaranteed Fail-Safe Road Map to Optimize
Your Life, Career and Net Worth!

Have you accomplished a lot, but something important is missing in your life?

  • Do you want to achieve an important goal, but feel frustrated or overwhelmed?
  • Do you struggle to maintain your focus on what is most important?
  • Are you settling for second best in your career or life?
  • Are you looking for the right support to achieve what matters most to you?

If any of the above are true for you and you are tired of settling for second best, then the 100-day Optimal Thinking Audio Program is a proven optimal solution.

In just 8 – 20 minutes each day, you will put your best self in charge of your personal relationships and business success. You will…

  • Make the most constructive decisions
  • Take the best actions to accomplish your most important goals
  • Do your best, experience the best in life, and inspire others to contribute their best

You will maximize opportunities that best reward your passion and talents.

Optimize Your Net Worth and Personal Fulfillment

If you want to optimize–not just improve–your net worth and personal fulfillment, it’s in your best interest to immerse yourself in the art of optimization. Studies show that 63% of wealthy people listen to audio books during their commute to work versus only 5% of poor people. The Optimal Thinking 100-Day Audio Program goes beyond regular audio books to provide you with your personal optimization toolkit with road maps that will provide all you need to:

  • Accept what’s out of your control, and make the most of what’s in your control
  • Minimize limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviors
  • Maximize your personal leadership and communications
  • Take your career and financial expertise to the highest level

As you optimize each situation, you’ll influence others to be their best. Start creating your optimal road map now to permanently:

  • Embrace suboptimal situations, and immerse yourself in the highest and best solutions
  • Handle conflicts most effectively at home and at work
  • Create, develop and optimize your relationships
  • Create your own “Best Place to Work” environment

Imagine living your life where you instinctively take the best path to your best solutions.

Your road map is the 100-Day Optimal Thinking Audio Program for Permanent Results.

This power-packed program was created by Dr. Rosalene Glickman, the global optimization authority. Dr. Glickman’s clients include individuals and organizations such the U.S. Army, Warner Bros., US Treasury, BP, Air New Zealand, Young Presidents Organization, National Australia Bank, Smithsonian Associates, Delta Airlines, and Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Glickman includes 27 years of research in this practical, fun optimization program specifically designed to experience Optimal Thinking and peak performance as your new habit. In just three months, you’ll no longer be treading water, or taking one step back and two forward. This program empowers you to make the best choices each and every moment of your day.

In every audio session, Dr. Glickman leads you to immediately shift from suboptimal to Optimal Thinking. The program is organized in easy-to-follow daily units. The Optimal Activities Workbook gives you daily action steps so you can integrate Optimal Thinking into the present moment and take your best path forward.

Whether your goal is to be on-purpose, optimize your business relationships, or make the right decisions in your personal life, this program empowers you to consistently optimize every choice, and every aspect of your life.

$100 Cash, 100-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

$100 100 day money back guaranteeDr. Glickman is so confident that you will develop the habit of thinking and acting optimally that she more than guarantees the 100-Day Optimal Thinking Audio program. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, send in your completed 100-day workbook. We will refund your money and give you $100 cash for your effort, no questions asked.

Choose the Instant Access Download and Receive:

  • Optimization audio download narrated by Dr. Glickman
  • 100-page pdf workbook with daily action steps
  • Dr. Glickman’s best-selling book Optimal Thinking: How to Be Your Best Self (pdf)
  • BONUS: Two-hour Optimal Thinking webinar with Dr. Glickman (value: $99)

The entire program is usually $249. 

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One-on-One Personal Coaching

Interested in one-on-one personal attention from Dr. Glickman along with your 100-Day Audio Program? Rosalene has a limited number of face-to-face, telephone and virtual coaching sessions available.

  • Optimal Thinking has a little bit for everyone and will help people be the best self they can be.

    Kenneth Blanchard, Author,

    The One Minute Manager

  • The 100 Day Optimal Thinking audio program paid for itself after the 2nd day. I made over $300,000 because of one thing I learned. The program is dynamite.

    John Henrick, Miami

  • A superb treatment of the idea of Personal Best.

    Stephen R. Covey, Ph.D.

    Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

  • I must endorse Optimal Thinking as the mental foundation for peak performance in all fields. Optimal Thinking is a quantum leap beyond rhetorical positive thinking ideology.

    Dr. Gregory H. Tefft

    Triple Crown Mr. America, Olympics Sports Medicine Staff, California

  • The optimal thinking audio program shows you how to make personal and professional optimization a habit. This program is suitable for everyone and should be mandatory for employees.

    Brent Harrison, Los Angeles

  • There is no limit on what you can achieve if you optimize and utilize optimal thinking in your day-to-day activities.

    Martha Smith, Acting Director,

    U.S. Treasury Complaints Mega Center

  • I use it every day asking optimal questions to get the very best results.

    Randy Wohlers, BC HIS

    President, HearPod Inc., Hawaii

  • The information is original, the 12 CD's are fun to listen to, the action steps in the activities workbook are easy and make optimal thinking and results a natural part of daily life. I can't recommend this audio CD set highly enough.

    Barbara Kandell, New York

  • This audio program is wonderful. Not only did I overcome long-time conflicts about my career and family, it gave me the confidence and skills to make the best choices no matter what situation I face.

    Harriet Smith,

    Irvine, California

  • What does it take to become Australia's most successful woman? Glickman was awarded her title for her ability to motivate American business people.

    Business Review Weekly

  • "The future belongs to those who bring their best to the present."

    Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.


100 day optimal thinking audio download

Usually $249.   $159 today.

$100 cash, 100-day money-back guarantee.

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