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  • Frito Lay
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  • Delta Airlines
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Optimal Speech Writing Service

Rosalene Glickman PhDOur professional speech writing team has more than 160 years of success; seasoned wordsmiths who have crafted addresses for senior-level business executives, military officers, professional speakers, and regular people. Each speech is a unique, custom project designed to project your best persona with unparalleled passion and a distinctive, optimized perspective.

We collaborate with you to develop a targeted presentation from scratch, or maximize the impact of your existing draft. Our goal is to best express your unique personality, passions and viewpoints so that your audience is compelled to stand and demonstrate their heartfelt appreciation.

Speech Writing Service to Maximize Standing Ovations

If you need an informative business speech, a humorous introduction, a memorable timeless motivational speech, or a persuasive sales presentation, you are in the right place. During the past 28 years, our optimal speech writing service has written, edited, and optimized over 15,000 successful speeches on time and within budget.

Below is a brief sample of a motivational speech created by our Optimal Thinking senior motivational speech writer team:

Optimal thinking seasoned speech writing experts work tirelessly to create the most captivating presentations for all types of audiences: internal, external, large and small.

  • Motivational speeches to inspire audience members to be their best
  • Timeless video speeches: eg. “Women Can Change the World” video speech (650,000 views)
  • Commencement speeches
  • Proposal speeches and product launches
  • Sales meetings
  • Board of Directors meetings
  • Executive committee reviews
  • Trade association events
  • Analyst briefings
  • Awards, anniversaries and special functions
  • Press and media announcements

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