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Optimal Thinking Webinar

This one-hour Optimal Thinking webinar is revolutionary! You soar above the ordinary and the extraordinary, into the realistic world of the optimal, highest, best. You can’t be your best when you think in suboptimal terms. Whenever you think suboptimally, it costs you time, energy, joy and money.

Do you know how much of your thinking is in your best interest? Until now, positive thinking has motivated you to be productive, profitable and successful to varying degrees. In the Optimal Thinking webinar, you will learn how to give life your best shot and perform at your peak — in any situation. It is not how low you fall but how quickly you optimize that counts. With Optimal Thinking, you will never settle for second best again!

optimal thinking webinar


Webinar Objectives

In this Optimal Thinking webinar, you:

  • examine how much of your thinking motivates actions that are in your best interest
  • explore why suboptimal thinking is NOT the mental basis of peak performance
  • understand Optimal Thinking and its vital role in maximizing your performance
  • learn how to embrace and optimize suboptimal thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • define what “the best” means to you in your personal and professional life
  • learn how to motivate yourself to do your best, and bring out the best in others
  • generate boundless energy and unstoppable persistence
  • acquire total confidence in your ability to create your best life


Who Should Attend

  • people in any type of organization who are willing to stop settling for second best
  • CEOs, large and small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs
  • leaders in all areas of life, athletes, homemakers, artists, educators and students
  • anyone interested in being their best and performing at their peak.

One-On-One Coaching Follow Up (optional)

optimal thinking coaching

One-on-one coaching is best used to maximize your thinking, motivation, actions and reactions as you move toward your most important goals. You will focus on overcoming any issues that compromise your best self and peak performance.

We arrange telephone coaching or office visits at your convenience.

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