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Uncover My Core Beliefs

This quiz is scored online. Below are 13 statements which require a Yes or No answer. Simply check the response that fits you best to learn how many of your core beliefs are in your best interest. Please submit your email address if you wish to be included in our mailing list.

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1. I feel like a victim. Yes   No
2. Something is wrong with me. Yes   No
3. Something is wrong with others. Yes   No
4. Something is wrong with the world. Yes   No
5. I am good enough to have what I want. Yes   No
6. I don't deserve the best in life. Yes   No
7. I'm afraid of being controlled (losing myself). Yes   No
8. I can handle rejection. Yes   No
9. I can handle failure. Yes   No
10. I'm afraid of success. Yes   No
11. I am afraid of pain. Yes   No
12. I can have what I want. Yes   No
13. Life is a struggle. Yes   No

*Excerpted from the 100-Day Optimal Thinking Audio-CD Program by Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D.




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