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  • Delta Airlines
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optimal thinking affiliate programIf you are interested in building an Optimal Thinking business, a supremely profitable business that you take utmost pride in, the affiliate program will support your best interests.  You will promote products and services that empower individuals and organizations to be their very best. Your business will have unlimited potential, not only from referral payments but also personal discounts that truly maximize personal lives and careers. In the affiliate program, you can achieve this and much more!

Our mission is to optimize the thinking, skills and performance of the free thinking world. We need to build first-class partnerships, and we’re looking for enthusiastic, capable people to join us.

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Optimal Thinking empowers us to be our best, bring out the best in others, maximize our financial success, and enjoy the best life has to offer. The affiliate program enables you to promote Optimal Thinking and receive optimum financial rewards. We want to create a marketing army from our community, and we are committed to maximizing your success.

Becoming an Optimal Thinking affiliate is free, and you have:

  1. Freedom. You don’t have to come up with unique ideas for products, or produce them. You can market our Optimal Thinking products and programs. And, we will take care of the ordering, fulfillment and customer service.
  2. Unlimited Potential. You will receive 30% commission on every client who is referred by you. You don’t even need to have your own website to become an affiliate. Our affiliate program offers powerful email marketing, and other marketing tools.
  3. Unique Concept with Competitive Barriers. There is nothing like Optimal Thinking anywhere. Optimal Thinking is the result of 28 years of fastidious research. With Optimal Thinking, you have a superlative, universal, timeless concept. You have no shelf life problems, and you are years ahead of any competitors. Your line of products and services is the vehicle for personal and professional optimization, and easily stimulates referrals and repeat business.
  4. Product Differentiation. Optimal Thinking products are clearly differentiated from all products based on the positive thinking, personal and business development global marketplace, and we have many more products under development. Major universities such as California State University (Fullerton) and University of Texas have included Optimal Thinking in their curriculum. Our satisfied individual clients as well as Fortune 500 companies, non-profit and government organizations often share the benefits they have received from Optimal Thinking.
  5. The Best Pricing. Not only do you deliver “the best”, you offer it at the most competitive prices. Your clients deserve optimal value.
  6. Minimal Expenses. You can run your Optimal Thinking business with no inventory or overhead. We take care of new product development and manufacturing. We also provide you with promotional materials.
  7. A Large Market. Optimal Thinking clientele are young and old, male and female, rich and poor, individuals, and small, medium, and large organizations. You have something for everyone.
  8. International Exposure. The Optimal Thinking book has already been translated into 17 languages. We promote Optimal Thinking throughout the world via TV, radio, print, the internet, and seminars. Publicity increases awareness and attracts new clients to you.
  9. Support. We provide you with online product training and Optimal Thinking promotional materials. We want you to communicate with us here at, and we do our best to create and maintain a family atmosphere.
  10. Business Model Optimization. Our affiliate program can be an integral part of your overall business optimization model.

What We Need You To Do!

It’s really simple! All you need to do is to sign up as an affiliate of You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to do this, and it won’t cost you a cent. You just need to complete a simple web form to register as an affiliate. You will then receive a special identifier code that you can use to promote Optimal Thinking products, seminars and services as best you can. The only stipulation is that you must have a PayPal account to receive your commissions.

How Do I Promote

When you sign up to become an affiliate, you’ll receive access to our affiliate web site and your own account. You will see a host of links and banners pre-configured with your own special code. Each link or banner already has the HTML code written for you. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code into your blog, webpage, or email and you’re good to go. Then, everyone who clicks through to the website from any of your links will automatically be recorded as being sent from you. When they make an Optimal Thinking purchase, you’ll receive commission (see below).

What's In It For Me?

Lots! For every new client who purchases a product or enrolls and attends a public seminar at using your special link, you’ll receive 30% commission via PayPal.

So How Do I Sign Up?

It’s simple…

Step 1 – Access the sign up page via the link below and click on the “Create Account” link to become an affiliate. Your application will be reviewed by our affiliate manager, and upon approval, your affiliate link and login information will be sent to you, all within 24 hours.

Step 2 – Once you have registered, you’ll receive the username and password for your affiliate account. Simply login to the affiliate section of our site after you’ve signed up to access the special links and banners to include on your website or blog.

Step 3 – Get the word out! Be creative. Continually ask yourself “What’s the best way to promote Optimal Thinking products/programs right now?” Please DO NOT SPAM people. Be sure to include your special links on your website, blogs, in emails, and forum signatures.

Step 4 – Monitor how your promotion is progressing. Within the affiliate web site, you can run reports and follow everything in real-time: statistics, clicks, purchases, and more.

Payment Terms & Conditions

You will receive 30% commission from the current sales price on every person who is referred by you who purchases an eligible product, program or service from our website. You will not receive this commission for purchases you make for yourself.

When someone visits after being referred from your website, a cookie is placed on the visitor’s computer. This cookie will track any visit from this referrer for one year. If your visitor leaves and comes back and purchases something within a year, you still get your commission.

All payments are made via PayPal. Make sure your enter the PayPal email address you want your funds sent to during your signup process. Payments are made on the last business day of the following month.

Payments will only be made for a minimum payout of $50 USD. Any commissions due under this minimum payout will be carried forward to the following month until the minimum payout level is reached.

Any promotions or discounts are subtracted before the commission is calculated. Your commission is always based on the end user price. Make sure you review our  Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

We will reject anyone who is involved with

  • Libel, slander, defamatory or violent activities
  • Inappropriate advertisements (False claims, misleading hyperlinks)
  • Spamming (mass email, mass newsgroup posting, etc…)
  • Advertising on sites containing/promoting illegal activities
  • Violation of intellectual property rights.

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