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About Corporate Assessments

Employees obtain online access to the Assessment via your email invitations. After taking the Assessment, they will see their Self-Optimization Report and be able to invite others to observe and offer input. At the end of your predetermined Observer invitation period, each employee will receive a Composite (Self and Observers) Report.

  • Your company pre-purchases the Assessment in bulk at a substantial volume discount.
  • Your Administrator sends emails to employees, or uploads a .csv file authorizing them to take the Assessment.
  • Employees click on a link in the email that takes them to an Assessment page where they fill out a registration form.
  • The employee completes the Self-Optimization Assessment, and may invite Observers.
  • Employees who complete the Assessment will at your discretion automatically obtain web-based access to their Self-Optimization and Composite Reports (in pdf format) that include personal and professional optimization recommendations.
  • Your Administrator controls the viewing access of the Reports and eCharts. If you wish to discuss the results and eCharts during a training or consulting session, you can block access to these features. You may prefer to have employees view their Reports immediately after completing the Assessment. The choice is yours.

Three Key Areas


The Administrator distributes the Assessment via email invitations to a team of coworkers, company division, board of directors, entire organization, etc. and controls access to the results. OptimalThinking.com will administer the Assessment if you don't want to perform this task internally.


The Member is invited and authorized to take the Assessment via email invitations from the Administrator.


The Observer is invited by a Member via email to complete an online Observer Assessment about the Member.

By inviting Observers to complete an Assessment about them, Members are able to acquire a 360º view of themselves. Members can invite an unlimited number of Observers to complete the Assessment. The Member simply provides the Observer's name and email address, and the invitation is sent automatically.

Three Key Components

The Assessment

Members answer 50 questions online, after they receive access to the Assessment from the Administrator.

The Self-Optimization Report

Members receive a comprehensive and personalized Self-Optimization Report after they complete the online Assessment. The Report is a vital resource to optimize individual and organizational performance, providing a description of dominant and secondary thinking styles, core motivators, stressors, performance levels and strategies for maximizing communications and effectiveness in business and personal situations. Members can view a personalized eChart of their self-assessed thinking styles. The Self-Optimization Report is accurate, but it only provides Members with a view of themselves.

The Composite Report

A Member may be aware of his or her own thoughts, motives, and behavior, however an Observer may be more accurate in describing the Member's actual thinking, interaction styles, and performance.

After five Observers have responded to a Member's invitation to assess them, the Member also receives a Composite Report. We recommend 10 or more Observers for anonymous, accurate feedback. This Composite Report (Self plus Observers) is a critical component because it completes the 360º perspective for the Member. Note: Observers do not have access to the Member's Report.  

As soon as an Observer completes an Assessment about a Member, the result is plotted on the Member's personal eChart. Members learn how to identify their thinking, interactive styles, and performance patterns, and how to deal with others most effectively.

Two Key Areas

Administrator Home Page

The Administrator Home Page provides flexibility for training options and important data to track Member progress. It is a personalized, private page that allows the Administrator to:

  • Pre-purchase Assessments at a volume discount. An Assessment package includes the Assessment, Self-Optimization Report, eCharts, an unlimited number of Observer Assessments, and the Composite Report. All of the above are located on a personalized Home Page for each Member.
  • Customize the time frames for Member and Observer access to the Assessment.
  • Take your personal assessment by clicking "Add Individual Members" and entering your personal details.
  • You can create Groups and view Groups within your organization.
  • Distribute Assessments to Members by simply entering each individual's name and email address. An email is sent automatically, authorizing the Member to take the Assessment. You may also upload csv files with this information.
  • Track the account status to see how many Assessments have been completed, how many remain, and order more Assessments as needed.
  • View the eCharts and Reports of the Members you authorized to take the Assessment. This feature also allows you to see which Members have completed the Assessment. You can then send automated reminders to those who haven't.
  • Permit or block members from seeing their personalized Self-Optimization Report, Composite Report and eCharts. You may wish to block members from seeing their Self-Optimization Report if you want to present the members with their Reports and eCharts at a training session or meeting.
  • Delete or edit destructive and inappropriate Observer comments from Members Composite Reports.
  • Review the collective results of up to 20 members on a single eChart with color codes to identify each individual member. This feature is most useful when you're working with a group and want to see at a glance where Members appear in relation to each other on a graph.

Member Home Page

The Member Home Page is a personalized, private Home Page for each Member. The Member Home Page allows the Member to:

  • Access their 50-question Assessment.
  • Invite Observers to complete the online Observer Assessment about the Member.
  • View all the Observers he or she has invited and see who has completed the Observer Assessment and who hasn't. When Observers haven't yet completed the Assessment, the Member can send an automatic reminder email requesting the Observer's participation.
  • View and print the comprehensive, personalized Self-Optimization Report in pdf format (if access has not been blocked by the Administrator).
  • View and print the personalized eCharts (if access has not been blocked by the Administrator).
  • View and print the Composite Report, which includes the Observers' responses (if access has not been blocked by the Administrator).

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