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Become a Best Place to Work

Gallup and Harris polls reveal that 71% of employees are not actively engaged at work. A significant number of the 71% are actually sabotaging your business and may not even know it. If you’re not becoming a Best Place to Work, you’re putting hard cash into your competitors pockets.

Here’s a little of how we can help. We partner with you to empower your employees to bring the best of themselves to work each and every day. We then work with you to optimize your corporate value growth compared to your peers, become a Best Place to Work, and even obtain “Best Place to Work” status on several revered lists.

We also provide a public seminar to educate key personnel about the features, benefits, best practices and process of becoming a Best Place to Work.

Best Places to Work Lists

Many well-known publishers produce top 100 “Best Places to Work” lists (also known as “Best Companies to Work for” lists). Each list addresses different target groups. Respected companies strive to achieve recognition on as many lists as possible to maximize their appeal to outstanding job candidates, customers, and the community. If you would like to distinguish your organization in several “Best Place to Work” lists, we will collaborate with you to determine which lists are most appropriate, and prepare your organization to meet and exceed the various criteria.

A Dozen Benefits of Best Places to Work

  • Attract the best and brightest talent
  • Lower employee turnover than industry peers
  • Employees go above and beyond what is expected of them
  • Optimize alignment between employees and executives
  • Superior customer loyalty than industry peers
  • Vendors go the extra mile
  • Improved track records on safety
  • Greater visibility in the marketplace
  • Removal of community distrust
  • Enhanced relationships with legislators and regulators
  • Employees serve as ambassadors for your organization
  • Achieve twice the value growth than industry peers

26 years of research has shown us that employees are most productive when their companies enable them to be their best. Optimal Thinking leaders educate suboptimal thinking employees in the art of systemic consistent optimization to optimize employee motivation and engagement. They also hire Optimal Thinkers with the skills to match job functions.

Value Growth: A Benefit You May Not Be Aware Of


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