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Find the Best Government RFP Bids

Too busy to sift through thousands of government RFPs and evaluate them?  Averaging a 92% government contract win rate over the past 28 years, our seasoned RFP team understands precisely how to find the best government RFP bids for your business. Our RFP bid monitoring experts scrutinize government agency websites, analyze potentially suitable RFPs, and gather critical market intelligence.  We take these time-consuming activities off your plate while providing your organization with the most viable RFPs.

Our RFP bid monitoring specialists also use proprietary proven criteria and state-of-the-art technology to find pre-RFPs. We uncover “pocket listings” before the RFPs reach the general market – giving you an edge over your competitors that can make all the difference. We search opportunities by agency, industry niche, relevance, set-asides, security clearance, evaluation criteria, contract revenue, and far more.

You can rely on our bid monitoring specialists to meticulously search, find, and bring you the optimum bidding opportunities with relevant agencies and precise evaluation criteria. With 175 years of combined experience researching data in proprietary and public bid databases, we take pride in maximizing your win ratio and the quality of your pipeline.

We deploy Federal government data resources including FBO, DIBBS (DLA), SBIR / STTR, UN, FPDS, GSA eBuy, and SAM.

We monitor State, Local, and Education (SLED) information from more than 70,000 procurement sources.

Our people sift through potential RFPs to provide you with only the most strategic bids.

How We Find Government Contracts

Phase 1: Initial Setup to Find New Government RFP Bids
(Approximately one month)

  • Ascertain your strategic goals in relation to government contracts.
  • Determine your RFP qualifiers and disqualifiers.
  • Examine your past practices and procedures for evaluating opportunities.
  • Ensure proper setup of parameters for searches
  • Perform test searches.
  • Create custom procedures process.
  • Create Pipeline Master.

Phase 2: 12-Month Program to Find New Government RFP Bids 

  1. Perform targeted searches
  2. Review Pipeline Master RFP source site list, adjust, and optimize parameters as needed.
  3. Review each potentially suitable RFP based on top 5 qualifiers and strategic goals.
  4. Identify best RFP opportunities.
  5. Evaluate opportunities with our propriety Go-No Go analysis.
  6. Review, update, and optimize criteria and procedures process based on updated data.
  7. Provide Pipeline Master monthly report.

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  • When we need to win a government RFP, this team gets it done. They have responded to 13 RFPs for us and won all of them. What a find.

    Alan S.

    CEO, Healthcare corporation

  • I would like to say how wonderful your service is and when you told me that you were going to put your Top Writer on the job, I didn't imagine that they were going to be that good! Thanks!

    L SSgt Christopher H.

    U.S. Army

  • Optimal Writing Services delivers a top quality proposal on time and on budget. They wrote an amazing RFP for my organization in 23 days and we won the bid!

    Jack B.

    CEO, Financial Services Corporation

  • I want to thank you for your rigorous exploration of my concept, competitors and unique selling proposition before you wrote my business proposal. The proposal hits the nail on the head and has been a life saver.

    Jenny G.

    President, Occupational therapy company

  • The proposal team is far more cost effective and efficient than the in-house team we used for 18 years. We're winning 32% more of the proposals we go for.

    Jim B.

    CEO, Tech company

  • Satisfied with everything.

    Natalia B.

    CEO, Construction company

  • This proposal writing team exceeds expectations. Their writers, editors and graphics people are second to none. They've helped us win highly competitive RFP's and commercial proposals. Straight shooters that add real value.

    Richard W.

    SVP, Global hospitality chain

  • The optimal proposal writing team won a government RFP for a 15 year contract for us. Superb process executed by consummate professionals.

    Pete N, CEO, Mid-size security company