Albert Einstein
"Your imagination is the preview to life's coming attractions."
Albert Einstein

Visualize Your Best Self

Does visualization work?  Many experiments support this practice. One well-known experiment by psychologists involved some men divided into three groups. One group practiced basketball every day. The second mentally visualized themselves practicing. The third—the control group—did neither.

The study found that the men who physically practiced and those who mentally practiced were equally good on the court. The control group lost to both groups.

Other experiments have shown that when people visualize themselves performing an action, the muscles associated with that action contract. You can prove this to yourself by closing your eyes and imagining yourself sucking on a lemon. Your mouth will pucker and start to water.

Conclusion:  Our minds can’t easily distinguish between what we visualize and what we actually experience.

What is Optimal Visualization?

Optimal visualization enables you to convey to your subconscious mind exactly what you want. You use the best pictures and symbols and all your senses. By giving yourself the optimal preview, the desired result becomes real and concrete.

You prepare yourself to experience the best. And you start to adjust yourself toward having what you want by incorporating it physically, emotionally, and mentally. Optimal visualization prepares you to reach your most desired goals. If you want to experience the best life has to offer, optimal visualization is for you!

Your Best Self Audio Download

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So don’t just be a positive thinker. Be an Optimal Thinker!

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  • "The future belongs to those who bring their best to the present."

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