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We are committed to educating a generation of Optimal Thinking leaders to empower others to maximize their personal and professional success. The program provides students with a road map to live life to the fullest.

You learn how to conduct a 90 minute follow up meeting for Optimal Thinking Self Assessment and Optimal Thinking 360 Assessment participants.

You also learn how to present the full-day Optimal Thinking: The Motivator of Peak Performance seminar — and empower others to consistently make optimal choices in their personal life and career.

Certified Trainers can also profit from distributing the entire line of Optimal Thinking seminars, products and services.

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2 reviews for Certified Trainer Program (web)

  1. Bill S

    I am the VP, Training of a Fortune 100 company and made the decision to include this resource for my company two years ago. Three of our top trainers are now certified optimal thinking trainers. The company has experience an exceptional measurable impact on employee productivity and engagement since implementing optimal thinking programs. I highly recommend this program for those who want the tools to consistently identify with the best.

  2. Graham S

    After attending three seminars by Rosalene Glickman, I decided to become a Certified Optimal Thinking trainer. I have never looked back. Rosalene is a beautiful woman with integrity, brilliance and compassion. If you want a life of optimization, take this opportunity.

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