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Looking for a work from home seminar?  As Covid continues to impact workplaces across the globe, how can you optimize the transition from an on-site to a home-based workplace? How do you streamline operations with minimal disruption?

Since 2007, we have presented variations of the Optimal Remote Workplace webinar with practical strategies and resources to optimize remote worker performance.

We understand the issues employees are facing right now.  You may be having a hard time with slow wi-fi if your family is still at home performing virtual work. Your work space may not provide you with the privacy you need. Your company’s VPN might not support rich web-based apps. You may be unsure about how to best use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Trello, GotoWebinar, GotoMeeting, Skype for Business, Live Chat, email, phone, etc. And there may be tough communications that need to take place.

In this seminar, you learn how to best function in individual, team, and leader roles while working from home. You determine which technology to best deploy in different situations. You acknowledge, understand and resolve the specific issues associated with working remotely, including how to:

  • Obtain the optimal mindset and skills to best deal with social isolation
  • Set goals, communicate strategies, and manage expectations remotely
  • Identify personal and group challenges, empathize, and determine optimum solutions
  • How to deploy technology and proven techniques to maximize team commitments
  • Optimize collaboration, camaraderie and team performance
  • Encourage individual creativity and organizational innovation
  • Minimize unnecessary disruptions
  • Streamline operations and workflow to ensure compliance and best practices
  • Deploy best practices to reinforce the organizational culture

Discounted Group Packages Available for 6 or More Attendees.

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7 reviews for Optimal Remote Workplace Seminar

  1. Carrie K

    Rosalene provided a wealth of strategies in the context of pure wisdom. She helped our team thrive through the pandemic with her vast knowledge of remote work performance

  2. Brian K

    Informative collaborative webinar that exceeded our team’s needs. Well worth the investment.

  3. Bob Cramer

    Our people were feeling disconnected and the workplace was siloed. Rosalene’s workshop pulled us all together into a cohesive team. It’s 7 months and we are going from strength to strength. This remote workplace seminar is second to none.

  4. Jim Levine

    This workshop is fantastic. I learned so much that helps me to service customers and reduce problems and delays with our team. The workshop is a must do.

  5. Nancy G

    I enjoyed this workshop and got a heck of a lot of practical tips but I wish it was longer. The workshop leader is very knowledgeable and fun. I would have liked two days instead of just one but I hear she will be doing a follow up next quarter. I have already improved a lot of my remote practices and have to admit, I still need to do more.

  6. David N

    This workshop helped me to dramatically elevate my efficiency when working from home. I’ve been able to be there for my team far better. This workshop is a game changer.

  7. Mike K

    Our global product development team struggles with remote issues and time lags. This seminar gave us a load of phenomenal tools that the others didn’t. Optimal Thinking is a huge differentiator. I definietly recommend this seminar.

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