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9 Best Questions to End This Year


1. What are you most proud of this year?

end this year2022 has been a tough year. You might have filled this year with virtual meetings, family meals, exercise, politics, sports, or movies. Perhaps you jump started your business by with a first-rate business plan or held an annual planning meeting with your team. Maybe you delivered food to an elderly neighbor, helped your kids with home learning, or saved your company from a costly mistake,. Take a moment now to evaluate the actions you are most proud of.

2. What worked best for you this year?

What gave you the most success and fulfillment this year?  Just about every day, something gave you a measure of personal or business success. Once you have figured out which actions created the best outcomes, you can determine how to best deploy these actions to generate your greatest success and fulfillment.

3. How did you stay focused on what is most important to you?

With constant demands for our attention, it’s all too easy to get distracted in today’s 24/7 world. How did you keep yourself on track to achieve your priorities? The most successful people deploy strategies to focus their attention on what’s most important, regardless of the circumstances. Most people know how to focus their attention, but they don’t do it consistently. Do you need to develop the habit to optimize your time consistently.

4. What are you least proud of this year?

Unfortunately, we all make choices that don’t serve us.  You may have lost your temper when it would have been best to stay cool, or short changed someone who believes in you. We all make mistakes. Fortunately, our conscience will often prompt us to rectify these issues. By permanently eliminating the one thing you’re least proud of each year, you will raise your self-esteem and the quality of your life.

5. What do you wish you had done this year?

We all have goals that we’d love to achieve but haven’t. That’s mostly because it’s easier said than done to achieve every goal we set. Procrastination and distractions are obstacles we all face. Keep in mind that all distractions are equal when they separate you from your highest priorities.

6. How can you minimize what doesn’t serve your best interests?

When you maximize what is in your best interests, you will automatically reduce what does not serve you.  Take a moment now to define the issues that sabotage your personal and business best interests. You may already know about these culprits, so you don’t need to dwell on them.  Instead, take some time to determine the actions that will minimize them. If you would like help, we are here for you.

7. What are the top three actions you can take to close out this year?

Most people evaluate their achievements on a yearly basis.  If you’re not proud of this year, you still have time to make the most of it — if you act now.  Take time right now to figure out your three highest priorities to end this year with your head held high.  What is missing that you must include to maximize this year? Just do it now!

8. How can you best position for an optimal new year?

If you are in business, it is time to figure out what you want to achieve above all else next year. Considering that your 2023 business plan will most likely include sweeping changes in global business, and your annual planning meeting will be crucial to optimize your organization’s success trajectory. Accomplished properly, your annual planning session will provide the basis for maximum growth and accomplishments.

On a personal level, you will most likely have goals in many areas of your life. Write down your most important goals. Prioritize these goals and then break them down into achievable steps. Place them in your calendar and put your best self in charge of them. If you take just one action on each of your goals every week, you’ll be amazed how much you will accomplish in 52 weeks. Share your goals with a friend or trusted adviser to keep you accountable.

9. How can you make a habit of fully appreciating the present moment?

Your life is always in the present moment.  Become mindful of how you can stay consistently engaged in making the most of the ever-present moment. This requires Optimal Thinking.  Optimal Thinking empowers you to make the best choices and do your best. Be sure to make Optimal Thinking second nature!

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12 Responses to “9 Best Questions to End This Year”

  1. Helen W says:

    Really helpful info as usual. If you have time for me, I would like to sign up for a 6 month executive coaching program.

  2. Martha L says:

    Thanks for this post. The questions helped me to organize my mind personally for the upcoming year (covid included) and forge ahead in my business full speed.

  3. Bill Thompson says:

    COVID-19 changed my world as it has for everyone. These questions have restored my focus on how to best achieve what is most important. I would love to experience optimization coaching with you.

  4. John B says:

    I buy optimal thinking. Are you available for our annual planning session?

  5. Michael Smith says:

    Thanks for offering these questions during this time of turmoil. Very helpful.

  6. Miles J says:

    Just what the doctor ordered. Covid rocked my boat. These questions stabilized it and got me back on the right track.

  7. Amal Kumar says:

    These questions are excellent. Thank you.

  8. Ben Sanders says:

    Excellent questions. I plan to end this year with the answers to these questions powering me forward.

  9. Hank M says:

    Enjoyed answering these questions. Great job. I’m an avid follower of optimal thinking.

  10. Luke B says:

    Great article for more than just reflection. I’m going to make some additional changes to round out the year. Well done.

  11. Donna G says:

    Great article. These questions have given me what I need to close out the year. Thanks Rosalene.

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