Optimal Thinking 360 Assessments

Almost one million people and more than 6500 companies worldwide use Optimal Thinking 360 Assessments to optimize thinking, communications, and performance. 

For an individual, use the assessment as a self-evaluation and immediately receive a 21-page custom report. For optimum results, simply invite observers to evaluate you. The 41-page custom 360° composite report will reveal your blind spots and guide you to maximize your success. Note: Unlimited observer evaluations are free of charge..

For corporations and groups, the combination of self-evaluations and unlimited observer evaluations from team members produces the best results. Companies use this assessment to optimize recruiting and training programs, position employees in suitable roles, maximize engagement, retention, and team performance. 

For associates (resellers such as trainers, coaches, and consultants), the 360º Online Assessment serves as an automated profit center. You purchase assessments in bulk at a discount and sell them to individuals  and/or corporate clients.

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