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Quiz: Are You Coachable?

Successful executives, business owners, and rising stars often speak about how coaching has been instrumental in catapulting their careers and personal success. They also attribute coaching to their honed expertise in coaching others.

We have coached thousands of people all around the globe. As a result, we understand that most people are coachable, but not everyone is coachable at a particular time. Some people want a breakthrough, but they are not ready to modify their beliefs, actions and habits. They need additional time before they can undertake coaching.

Want to Know Where You Stand?

This complimentary quiz will help you to determine if you are coachable and if coaching is for you. Below are 15 statements which require an answer. The more truthful you are, the more valuable this quiz will be. Simply choose the response that is true for you.

A = Always or almost always
F = Frequently or often
S = Sometimes or reasonably
R = Rarely or never values your privacy. We will not reveal your information or email address to anyone. Please note: Your report appears immediately on your browser. All fields are required.

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