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Corporate Assessment Program


Welcome! The Optimal Thinking 360º Online Assessment optimizes all training, coaching, consulting, continuing education and development programs. This program is ideal for:

  • business owners
  • human resource professionals
  • in-house trainers
  • divisional managers in the corporate, educational and government sectors

Looking for the Best Executive Assessment?

This executive assessment is a result of 27 years of fastidious research. You can use the assessment for senior executives, middle management, supervisors, and individuals. You can also use the assessment in operating divisions such as manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, distribution and finance in different locations.

The assessment empowers individuals, teams, departments and entire organizations to be their best. Coworkers and employees receive 360 degree views of their dominant and less dominant thinking styles. They gain insight into their core motivators, stressors, and communication styles. They also  receive specific recommendations to optimize their personal and professional performance. Each employee learns how to maximize - not just improve or manage - productivity, communications and relationships.

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Optimize Your Recruiting And Training Program

  • Hire top-notch talent and cut the churn from bad fits
  • Assess each person's fit within the organization
  • Identify the dominant thinking level of individuals, teams, and departments
  • Quantify the thinking and strategies that serve the company's best interest

If you are ready to maximize employee engagement and retention and cut the need for external incentives and rewards, this assessment is for you.

  • Optimize cooperation and buy-in between managers and employees
  • Achieve unparalleled employee motivation and morale
  • Create a "best practices, best place to work" environment
  • Maximize employee productivity, efficiency and effectiveness

Position the Best People in the Right Roles

Background checks, references and credentials do not uncover the thinking style that best fits a team's dynamics or the company's culture. This assessment objectively measures the thinking patterns of prospective hires. It empowers all employees to optimize their thinking, performance, and interactions with others. Employees can then optimize each task and perform most effectively with their team. Optimal Thinkers are self-motivated. They do their best regardless of the circumstances. Optimal Thinkers do not need incentives, rewards or recognition to contribute their best.

Maximize Employee Performance and Retention

The Optimal Thinking 360º Assessment enables employees to understand their dominant and other thinking styles. They gain insight into their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. They learn how to contribute their best and interact optimally with others.

The Optimal Thinking 360º Assessment rises above traditional personality tests. This is because thinking is a core performance indicator. This assessment uncovers and resolves the thinking that compromises employee engagement and satisfaction. Optimal Thinking employees seek and create the best opportunities for advancement. The Assessment empowers leaders and employees to use best practices as they move up through the organization.

Optimize Team Performance

Optimal Thinking teams achieve the greatest product innovations, sales results, and customer experiences. But every time a member of a sales team, customer service department, or product development group thinks suboptimally unnecessarily, results are compromised. Fortunately, Optimal Thinking 360º teams understand each member's thinking, motives, stressors, and communication styles. They collaborate to optimize performance.

For example, some employees perform exceptionally well and achieve great results, then slip into mediocre performance. These employees fall prey to an internal power struggle that is best resolved with consistent Optimal Thinking.

Other employees perform exceptionally well and achieve great results for a while, but their performance is erratic. These employees cycle back and forth between extraordinarily positive and extraordinarily negative performance. Optimal Thinking is the fail-safe tool to maximize their performance.

When team members think and breathe optimization, they maximize productivity, profitability and workplace satisfaction.

When you order a bulk quantity of the assessment, you can customize the time frame for participation. You can then distribute the assessment to employees for in-house use. They receive a 21-page personalized Self-Optimization Report empowering them to be their best.  If you permit observers, each employee receives a 41-page Composite Report. You can permit or block access to any report.

Our Unconditional Guarantee

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you invest in the Optimal Thinking 360º Assessment.

Optimal Thinking 360º Corporate Pricing
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50 - 99
100 - 249
250 - 499

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