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The Optimal Thinking Online Assessment optimizes all training, continuing education, coaching, consulting, and organizational development programs. The Corporate program is ideal for business owners, human resource professionals, in-house trainers and divisional managers in the corporate, educational and government sectors.

30-day-money-back-guaranteeYour coworkers and employees will receive 360 degree views of their dominant thinking style, hierarchy of thinking styles, core motivators, emotional triggers, communication styles, and specific recommendations to optimize their personal and professional success. They will learn how to maximize – not just improve or manage – their productivity, communications and relationships. This assessment empowers individuals, teams, departments and entire organizations.

You can use the assessment in specific levels of your organization, such as executive, middle management, supervisors, and employees. You can also implement the assessment in operating divisions such as manufacturing, finance, marketing, sales, distribution, finance, as well as different locations.

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10 reviews for Corporate Assessment

  1. Norman Jackson

    We ran 60 employees from a cross section of departments through this assessment. Our results have been far better than with other assessments we have used. This assessment is a superb catalyst to align team members and departments. I would place it in the MUST HAVE category.

  2. Helen G

    I ordered this assessment for our department after an optimization retreat facilitated by Dr. Rosalene for our leadership team. I was suprised by the enthusiastic response. Our team gave the assessment a better rating that Myers-Briggs.

  3. Richard K

    The assessment is excellent . It beats every other assessment that my people have taken. We use it extensively for recruiting and positioning employees in their roles. The 8 hour/day telephone support and 24/7 live chat are great, but we would also like 24/7 support by telephone.

  4. Lawrence M

    Our employees started this assessment as a self-assessment then they took it to the 360 observer level on their own without any prompting from management. Our employees are enthusiastic about their reports and we learned a lot about them. This assessment has served as an excellent diagnostic and prescriptive resource for hiring new employees and strengthening our workforce.

  5. Laurel J

    In my opinion, this assessment is far more helpful than the Myers-Briggs and DISC assessments. I had 12 employees take it and there has been a tremendous increase in team work since.

  6. James Wilton

    Excellent assessment. Gave me a lot of insight into the behavior of our team and how to deal with each team member. Well worth the time and investment.

  7. Rodney Jones

    By far the best assessment I have taken. Accurate and then provides sound strategies. Helps us to hire the best talent and train our people to be their best.

  8. Graham S

    The best assessment on the market. Tried most of them. None of them measure up to this one for accuracy and immediate and long term benefits. A real bargain with no downside.

  9. Sam j

    Everyone in our department did this assessment and it was a phenomenal success. We understand each other much more and there is far less conflict and much more getting done. I highly recommend this assessment.

  10. Peter Hall

    This analysis enabled me to get insight into my thinking and actions, how they are perceived by other people. The assessment was instrumental in resolving a great deal of conflict and misunderstandings between our senior executives and middle management. Not only did it deliver insight but it also provided solid options to best use the insight. A must-have tool for any serious business.

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