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Optimize Organizational Culture Change

What do Johnson & Johnson, Young Presidents’ Organization, U.S. Army, National Australia Bank, and Air New Zealand have in common?

Optimal Thinking programs to optimize organizational culture and business success.

Are you interested in establishing a systemic, self-perpetuating cycle of workplace optimization where employees are inspired to be their best, bring out the best in others, and contribute their best to the community? If you are ready to create a “Best Place to Work” multicultural organization, you are in the right place.

The Main Reason Employees Underperform

“We have to reward the best.”
Jack Welch, Former CEO, GE

distracted-photoMany employees unknowingly sabotage the best interests of their company by settling for second best in everyday business situations. In the suboptimal thinking organizational culture, employees too often focus on what is out of their control, and make suboptimal choices. By employing suboptimal thinking instead of Optimal Thinking, they perform suboptimally, and compromise strategic, operational and developmental initiatives. Hindered and frustrated by suboptimal thinking and lingering unresolved issues, they undermine the company’s most important objectives.

Some employees become enthusiastic during training programs, but are shackled by suboptimal practices inherent in the organizational culture. Unfortunately, many companies are committed to the erroneous “Just be positive and it will all work out fine” paradigm, and are unaware of the supreme power of Optimal Thinking (realistic optimization). They don’t know how to implement consistent Optimal Thinking to empower their people to contribute their best, and optimize their organization.

From Bad to Best, Good to Best, and Great to Best

return on investment“Employees give their all in a work environment that encourages them to be their best.”
Rosalene Glickman, Ph.D., Founder,

In the Optimal Thinking multicultural organization, the employees are educated in the art of consistent Optimal Thinking. In this business paradigm, they consistently bring the best version of themselves to situations. They ask the best questions of themselves and others to obtain the best solutions. They confront challenges and adversity with Optimal Thinking, focus on the most important outcomes, and contribute their best, regardless of the circumstances. Optimal Thinkers make the best use of their talents, abilities, resources and opportunities. They achieve continuous enterprise optimization by rising above the bad, good and even the great into the realm of the highest and best!

Google has topped the Fortune Magazine “Best Company to Work For” list five times. The company’s work culture harnesses its philosophy: “To create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” The workplace culture is based on optimizing the thinking of individuals to achieve the best collective outcome.

Achieve Maximum Sustainable Growth and Results


“Culture eats strategy for lunch.”
Peter Drucker

Optimum organizational culture change is best achieved when leaders model Optimal Thinking principles and understand their customers’ needs, concerns, and direction. Optimal Thinking leaders optimize their vision, mission, values, guiding principles, strategy, and tactics with their focus on best serving their customers needs. They maximize the top and bottom lines, sponsor personal and interpersonal optimization, and their employees consistently execute with Optimal Thinking in alignment with the company’s direction. When the organizational culture is optimized, the company and customers experience all the benefits of critical mass and continuous enterprise optimization.

How to Optimize Your Workplace Culture

We consult with leaders to develop the wisest strategic operational plan based on your organization’s current challenges (turnaround, transformation or growth).

We offer retreats for CEO’s and leaders, with weekly, monthly, or quarterly follow up to optimize strategic planning and execution. We pinpoint and prioritize suboptimal issues, utilizing Optimal Thinking collaboratively to best resolve them.

Our proprietary Optimal Thinking Self-Optimization and 360 Assessments (designed for laptops and tablets) uncover the various levels of individual and organizational thinking, qualifying and quantifying the thinking that supports the organization’s best interests. Individual and company-wide thinking patterns provide essential insights into strengths, weaknesses and gaps, and signal where optimization has the greatest impact.

You can introduce Optimal Thinking into your company at the level that works best for you. You can even pilot a “Best Place to Work” optimization program and measure results against a control group. Other teams and departments usually note the results and want to duplicate them.

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