Emotional Mastery Wallet Cards

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One set = 14 double-sided 2″ X 3″ wallet cards

30-day-money-back-guaranteeOptimal Thinking Emotional Mastery Wallet Cards contain at-your-fingertips road maps to understand and resolve manageable and unmanageable feelings. When you answer the Optimal questions on your cards, you immediately gain understanding, explore your options and determine your best solution. You align yourself with your greatest needs, and exercise emotional self-reliance by processing and resolving your feelings as they occur. When you experience a disturbing emotion, just select the most appropriate wallet card (see below) and answer the questions.

1. Unmanageable feelings
2. Manageable feelings
3. Forgiveness
4. Helplessness
5. Discomfort
6. Anxiety
7. Hurt
8. Anger
9. Disappointment
10. Guilt
11. Depression
12. Grief
13. Envy
14. Loneliness

1 review for Emotional Mastery Wallet Cards

  1. Tim G.

    We purchased a set of these cards for every employee and it has been a great investment.

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