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You feel angry when you take offense at being hurt or experiencing loss. Angry feelings arise when you feel helpless, threatened, deprived, or unfairly treated. Anger is a physiological sensation created by the production of adrenaline in the body, and a protective mechanism that prepares your body to fight against attack. This audio download contains the following tracks:

30-day-money-back-guaranteeTrack 1: Introduction
Track 2: What is Optimal Thinking?
Track 3: Optimization Signals
Track 4: Overcome Helplessness
Track 5: Resolve Your Anger, Part 1
Track 6: Resolve Your Anger, Part 2
Track 7: Your Optimal Thinking Opportunities

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*Excerpted from the 100-day Optimal Thinking Audio Program

1 review for Resolve Your Anger Audio Download

  1. Brendan Evans

    This is a great program for the price and has some definite game changers. It led me to the 100 day audio program which is phenomenal.

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