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Optimization Certification Training Programs

Feel free to review our two certification training programs to determine which is best for you.

1. Certified Trainer Opportunity

Optimal Thinking Certification TrainingThe Certified Optimal Thinking Trainer Program provides personal and professional optimization education. The training empowers individuals and organizations to be their best in any circumstance.

The Certified Optimal Thinking Trainer Program integrates information from the revolutionary life-optimizing Optimal Thinking book, programs, and seminars. You receive our proprietary road maps to develop Optimal Thinking competency and live life to the fullest. You learn how to conduct a:

You learn how to empower others to consistently make the best choices in their personal life and career. Certified Trainers can also sell our entire line of Optimal Thinking seminars, products and services. We are educating a generation of Optimal Thinking leaders to maximize the personal and professional success of others.

2. Certified Assessment Associate Opportunity

Certified Associate TrainingCertified Assessment Associates may present 90-minute follow up sessions (within specific guidelines) to individual and corporate Optimal Thinking 360 Online Assessment clients. You interpret their reports, provide options, and further the optimization process.

The Certified Assessment Associate Program deploys learning by participation to best integrate optimization. You must obtain an 85 percent score with open book examination. You will need to demonstrate proficiency in the exercises provided.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a Certificate recognizing your certification. Your name will appear on the Certified Assessment Associates database.

You can also sell the assessments and benefit as a profit center.

Why is Certification Worth Your Time and Effort?

A credentialed Optimal Thinking trainer demonstrates optimization knowledge and skills. You display the highest professional standards and code of ethics. This credential provides you with credibility as an optimization professional.

How Will Certification Benefit You?

Your Optimal Thinking certification is a critical step in personal and professional optimization. Certification demonstrates your commitment to talent optimization and professional training. Certification assures your clients that you have met our global optimization training requirements.