Optimal Thinking: The Motivator of Peak Performance Seminar

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This motivational seminar is realistic, unique and revolutionary! You learn how you sabotage peak performance when you think in suboptimal terms. Whenever you think suboptimally, it costs you time, energy, joy and money. You soar above poor, mediocre and extraordinary performance, into the realm of the optimal, highest and best.

30-day-money-back-guaranteeIn this seminar, you discover the “mental software” to optimize your personal life and career, and learn how to put your best self in charge of any situation. With Optimal Thinking, you never settle for second best!

5 reviews for Optimal Thinking: The Motivator of Peak Performance Seminar

  1. Belinda K

    My team was on life support before this seminar. We had a lousy leader who changed his mind on a whim and blamed us for most of what went wrong. During the seminar we learned how to be our best in any circumstance. I love challenging myself to rise above his criticism and put my best self in charge. The seminar gave me all the tools I need. I am in charge of making the most of my life.

  2. Dorothy H

    Amazing seminar that goes way beyond the pumpup stuff. It is based on a universal philosophy that everyone relates to . I’m usually not a fan of these seminars but in this case, I loved every minute.

  3. John D

    Our team was in the doldrums because we had been working hard with little success or positive feedback. This seminar helped us bring our best selves to a very bad patch. The seminar enabled us to overcome the situation. We’ve regained our enthusiasm and we use the insights and tools as part of our key strategies.

  4. BK

    Before this seminar, our team was burnt out because we were working 24/7 and feeling overworked and unappreciated. I got a lot out of it because I learned to measure myself by optimal thinking not by how others reactions. I feel like I’ve woken up from a coma. Other team members are in a rave mode as well. This is the best thing our company could have done for us.

  5. Dana Andrews

    This seminar was a life saver for our organization. We had several unmotivated personnel who had been with us for years but had become discouraged by our change of direction. They were in conflict with our new staff members and there was an obvious divide. This seminar not only brought us all back together but pointed us in the same direction with a fresh stride in our steps. The results are still felt by all.

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